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No description

Vanessa Alexandra

on 5 December 2014

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Transcript of PINTEREST

What information does Pinterest collect?

How is the information used?

What choices does the pinner have?
Founded in 2009
Location : Palo Alto, California
Founders : Ben Silbermann & Evan Sharp
Started as Tote “ a catalogue that was on the phone” then the idea moved to Pinterest
Inflection Point-May 2010 when "Pin It Forward" was introduced for bloggers
Integrate with social media

Share with non-Pinterest users

Notifications & Messaging

Secret Boards

Mobile apps & Website Widgets

"Pin It" button for browsers

Business accounts with analytics
Vanessa Beuses - Branden Munslow - Anika Sultana - Kabilan Thavayogarajah
Pinterest: What's It All About?
Revenue Model
Business Case Study
Benefits & Limitations
Wrap-up & Questions
Revenue Model
Case Study: Four Seasons Hotels
81+ profiles for hotels and resorts globally

Results: increased gain in traffic on Pinterest

1000% increase in daily average visitors and 1700% daily average clicks to website over one year

Use of the 'Pin It' button in email campaigns and website

First brand to use 'Place Pins' (pin on a map)

Launched Pin.Pack.Go in 2013

Link any page you want

Repin and expand content reach

Organizing and cataloguing

Increase traffic and increase sales
User Demographic

Dead Links

Low Engagement

Copyright Infringement
www.pinterest.com - Sign In
Pinterest: Dashboard
let's see
Pinterest in action!

Pinterest: Find Friends
Case Study: Four Seasons Hotels
Guests co-curate custom itnerary with Four Seasons expert on board

Results: 525% increase in followers to main account

Track followers, likes and re-pins to site, digital magazine, and blogs

900% average number of people re-pinning content and 600% average increase in pins from their website over a one year period

StumbleUpon vs Piccsy
Pinterest: Profile
Pinterest: Pinning
Promoted Pins (cost-per-click) (web or mobile)

Branded Campaigns

Charging Advertisers

Introducing Paid Advertising
Preparing to monetize
Global rank: 209th

Caters to men and women

Find articles more than crafts, recipes and decorating ideas

Ability to Like or Dislike the websites recommendations

Discover interesting information without searching for it

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Global rank: 34,346th

Bookmark, search and aggregation of images

Share and follow collections

Targeted towards individuals interested in Art and Desisgn
Want to Hear Something Pinteresting?

Thank you
for your time!
Please feel free
to ask us
any questions!
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