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Copy of disney


Jason Parker

on 1 August 2013

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Transcript of Copy of disney

I Love You!
You Love Me!
Early Days
International Conglomerate
Theme parks, movies, stage plays, cruises and merchandise

-California, Florida, Tokyo, Paris, Hong Kong, Shanghai
Work Ethic
"Alice's Wonderland"
"Steamboat Willie"
-Creating the foundation of top quality reputation
Broad Appeal
Attention to Detail
Takes care of you
Properly communicate with guests
How do they do it?
Layered Attractions
Tower of Terror
-Emotional response
-Far beyond average
-Theme Parks



-Options depending
on budget


Emotional Connection
Features and Benefits
Disney Visa Rewards
Disney Dream Reward Dollars
Earn 2% at
Gas stations
Grocery stores
Most Disney Locations
Earn 1% on other Purchases
Type IV Loyalty Program
Any Questions?
Members receive targeted/personalized offers and mailings
Type III Loyalty Program
Members Receive rebates on cumulative purchases
Employee Satisfaction
Enterprise-wide Employee Survey
Disney launched the first survey in 2010.
A two-year cycle.
Results of survey in 2012
87% of employees say they are proud to work for the Walt Disney Company.
80% of employees across the globe find their jobs both challenging and interesting.
90% of employees understand the role they can play in helping Disney to be a responsible company.
A opportunity for Disney to do better.
The Walt Disney Company Reviews
Reviews of the Walt Disney Company from Indeed
A strong Culture
A fun place to work at
Disney College Program
Customer Expectation
A fantasy experience for a whole family
A group photo with your favorite cartoon characters.
An amazing ride which is appropriate for everyone.
Cinderella Castle.
High quality of service
Be respect to us, especially the kids.
Clear and interesting guide.
Provide help when the guests need it.
Jason Parker

Richard Greene
Yifan Yang
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