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No description

Hannah LoGalbo

on 1 November 2013

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Transcript of Definition

BY: Hannah LoGalbo

root word and affixes
Affixes: -er
Noun: Middle English mustre, from Anglo-French mostre, monstre, from mustrer.

First Known Use: 14th century
p.o.s., and derivatives
Synonyms and antonyms
Expert Connection
(noun)synonyms: assemblage, assembly, conference, congregation, ingathering, meeting, gathering
(noun)antonyms: company, consort, gang, pack, forum, market, panel, rally, audience, gallery, grandstand, house, crowd, flock, multitude, press, swarm, throng, crush, mob, rabble,
P.O.S.: verb and noun
(noun)1. to work hard to find or get (courage, support, etc.)

(verb)2.to gather together (a group of people, soldiers, etc.) especially for battle or war

mustered, mustering
(noun)1. The family pushed the car with all the strength they could muster.
Verb: Middle English mustren to show, muster, from Anglo Frenchmustrer, monstrer, from Latin monstrare to show, from monstrum evil omen,
monster — more at monster

First Known Use: 15th century
(verb)synonyms: marshal (also marshall), mobilize, rally
(verb)antonyms: demob [chiefly British], demobilize
(verb)Muster sounds like master and if you are in the army your master(general) will muster the troops.
(verb)2.The general commanded to muster the troops.
(noun)When you are in a bad situation you MUST MUSTer up what you need to fix it.
"Muster." Merriam-Webster.com. Merriam-Webster,n.d.Web.
(27 Oct. 2013). <http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/muster>.
root word: must
come on dude muster up some courage and jump already
uh oh
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