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Genetics of Blonde Hair

No description

Zack McGill

on 18 July 2014

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Transcript of Genetics of Blonde Hair

Genetics of Blonde Hair
Patrick Pietrzak
Alex Lim
Zack McGill
Ryan Braswell
LEF1 is transcription factor,
a molecule that controls the activity of a gene by determining whether the gene's DNA is transcribed into RNA.
A > G
Control v. Blonde v. Ancestral
These are transgenic embryos that are the result of injections with different lacZ constructs. The lacZ was visible within the kidney (H2b fragment) and developing hair follicles (HFE or hair follicle enhancer fragment).


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"This particular genetic variation in humans is associated with blond hair, but it isn't associated with eye color or other pigmentation traits, The specificity of the switch shows exactly how independent color changes can be encoded to produce specific traits in humans." (Kingsley 2014)
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