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Joseph Fourier Echai Khang

No description

Renee Schley

on 21 May 2015

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Transcript of Joseph Fourier Echai Khang

His name is Joseph Fourier.
He was born on March 21 1768 and died on May 16 1830 at the age of 62.
Joseph was born in Auxerre, Burgundy, Kingdom Of France. Known as Yonne, France today.
- He has a University named after him called Joseph Fourier University.
- For College he attended Ecole Normale Superieure
Mathematical Contributions
- He came up with The Greenhouse effect.
- He also came up with The Fourier Transform
- Along with Fourier's Law
- Fouriers Theory Of Heat

Joseph Fourier is important person because
Early Life
- Joseph Fourier's father was a tailor in Auxerre.
Joseph Fourier Echai Khang
Birth/ Death

- Joseph was the ninth of the twelve children of this second marriage.
- Joseph's mother died went he was nine years old and his father died the following year.

- In 1870 He had interest in Literature.
- At the age of 13, Mathematics became his real interest
- in 1795 he became a Teacher
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