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ITS Heartland 2015: Look Who's Talking... Iowa DOT Partners with Waze

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Sinclair Stolle

on 16 May 2016

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Transcript of ITS Heartland 2015: Look Who's Talking... Iowa DOT Partners with Waze

design by Dóri Sirály for Prezi
Waze Connected Citizens Partner - October 2014
Next Steps
Look Who's Talking...
Iowa DOT Partners with Waze

How do we get more
timely traffic reports?
From the people
Citizen Reporters
More data available now than ever before
This is where Waze comes in
Real-time GPS
app that passively
records traffic
conditions as
you drive
Alternate routes based on
reported traffic or crashes.
Report traffic, crashes, other road hazards hands free
Data Feed
for Connected Citizen Partners
Iowa DOT 511
29 Cities, State DOTs and other partners as of April 2015
We have the data, now what?
Detailed event information
Wait. You're doing what?
UNVERIFIED Traffic Reports on 511
It's OK to be uncomfortable
Benefit > Risk
Create alerts for TOC in CARS
Join us in Connecting our Citizens
Archive data for planning & after actions
Use in mashups for analysis along with INRIX, traffic volumes, CARS events, etc.. Problem areas?
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