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Hamlet Creative Projects

No description

Carolyn Herman

on 2 April 2013

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Transcript of Hamlet Creative Projects

Timeline This Week Mon-Tues Wed Thurs-Fri Visual and Performance Projects 0 + - = 9 8 7 1 2 3 4 5 6 c Analytical Projects Music Analysis Soundtrack:
Independently, create a soundtrack for a modern film version of Hamlet. It must include a burned CD that includes 5 songs. You should have one song to represent each major plot point (or one song per act).
For each song, write a paragraph explanation that justifies why it is appropriate for that particular act. From The Lion King

to Gladiator

Hamlet has inspired some of
the most popular creative works of our time. Continuing the Tradition Your task is to join the club!

For your creative assessment, you will design a creative work based in some way on Hamlet.

All projects must be presented at least briefly. Visual Projects Graphic Novel:
Write and illustrate an 8-10 page graphic novel of one Act of Hamlet. Must be fully illustrated and have at least one direct Hamlet quote per page. Pages need to be 5x8 (printer paper folded in half) or larger. Performance Projects Music: Write and perform/record a 2-3 minute song or rap that summarizes the events of Hamlet AND talks about unit themes while using 5 Hamlet references. Hamlet Creative Projects Creative Writing Projects Memorize one of Hamlet’s significant soliloquies and give a dramatic reading for the class; must be accompanied by a 1-page written analysis of the soliloquy. Group Performance of One Scene: With group members, memorize one scene of Hamlet, your choice. Perform that scene on video or in class. You may use costumes, music, or special effects. Each group member must also write a one-page analysis of their character’s motivations in this scene and how this scene will affect them later in the play. Poetry Project:
Option 1: Write 5 poems inspired by the soliloquies, themes, and/or language we have covered in class. Each poem must be at least 15 lines and use 5 Shakespeare words

Option 2: Write 3 poems inspired by the soliloquies, themes, and/or language we have covered in class AND rewrite Hamlet’s “to be or not to be” speech, putting different verb. For instance, “to diet or not to diet,” “to study or not to study,” “to tweet,” “to love,” etc. and alter the details of the soliloquy to fit your new first line. Journal--Write a 5-page journal as one of the characters. Make sure you include references to the events in the play and use at least two direct quotes from the play per page. Write a new ending to the play. Your scene should be at least two full double-spaced, typed pages. In addition, write one paragraph explaining why you changed what you did and how it connects to themes. Psychological Case Study:
Students will determine if their “patient” Hamlet is truly depressed or faking it. Students will paraphrase Hamlet’s “To be or not to be” soliloquy, complete a questionnaire based on Hamlet’s words and actions in the play, and write a case study analyzing mental state and the causes of this mental state. Thematic Powerpoint/Prezi
Must be at least 15 slides and develop the themes from the play using quotes and graphics. Poster Project:
Make a large (poster-board size) poster that develops 5 Hamlet themes. Each theme must have a quotation that fits the theme and an accompanying hand-done illustration. Explanations of drawings/quotes must be either typed up and pasted under each theme or submitted separately with one paragraph per theme (five total) Creative
Worktime and Hamlet Movie Final Creative
Worktime Quarterly
Exam Presentations
Movie Do Now:

1. What do you think the phrase "multiple intelligences" means? (Take your best guess)

2. What are your special talents? How do you learn best? (auditory [hearing], visual, or kinesthetic [doing stuff])
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