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Huck Finn, Harriet Tubman, Bleeding Kansas

No description

Evan Dickens

on 5 December 2012

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Transcript of Huck Finn, Harriet Tubman, Bleeding Kansas

Evan Dickens, Nick Lamm, Caitlin Gaither Harriet Tubman, Bleeding Kansas, Huckleberry Finn Harriet Tubman Continued Bleeding Kansas A term to describe the period of violence during the setting of Kansas territory. The violence happened because free states tried to get Kansas on their side. Huck Finn The "N" word is in the book 219 times. John Wallaco published a new version of Huck Finn that says slave. Kids in New York are not allowed to read Huck Finn. During the Civil War she worked for the Union as a cook, nurse, and a spy. Men had heard about her wanted poster, which stated that she was illerate Huck Finn Continued Huck Finn is the 4th most banned book in High Schools. In 1998 parents in Tempe, Arizona sued the school for putting it on the reading list Harriet Tubman Continued She was a Underground Railroad Conductor. She married a free African American named John Tubman. Bleeding Kansas Continued The fight was between the states and
the free states. The battle
was four months long. The free states
ended up winning the battle. Harriet Tubman She married a free African American
name John Tubman
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