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Science Notebooks

No description

Summer Roland

on 8 August 2013

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Transcript of Science Notebooks

Science Notebooks
Have you ever heard or said . . . ?
"I can't remember what we did in class yesterday."
"I can't find my . . .
notes, homework, quizzes."

"I'm sure it's in . . .
my backpack? my room? Mrs. So-in-so's classroom?"

"I was absent last week, did I miss anything?"
No worries . . .
Turn those frowns upside down . . .
Science Notebooks are here to save the day!
What is a Science Notebook?
A science notebook is a personalized SCIENCE BOOK.
It is a portfolio of your work in ONE spot that is brought to class EVERY DAY. This is a great resource for STUDYING for quizzes and tests.
It is a great ORGANIZATIONAL tool that gives you permission to be COLORFUL and CREATIVE to show me what you know or have learned.
It allows you to be like a REAL SCIENTIST by asking QUESTIONS, RECORDING what they observe, and SHARING it with their classmates!
Science Notebook Supplies
Colored Pencils
Composition Notebook
Notebook RULES:
Do not RIP OUT pages or TEAR corners.
All handouts MUST BE SECURED IN!
No DOODLES unless it relates to science.
The notebook should only be used for SCIENCE CLASS and COMES TO CLASS
Each page should have the DATE and PAGE #.
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