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Summary of 'Not Suitable For Family Viewing' by Vicki Grant

No description

Nazm Grewal

on 19 April 2013

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Transcript of Summary of 'Not Suitable For Family Viewing' by Vicki Grant

Summary of 'Not Suitable For Family Viewing'
by Vicki Grant Characters In the story "Not Suitable For Family Viewing", there are a couple of main characters. There was Robin Schwartz, a a 17-year-old girl who was seeking for the truth about her mother's childhood and trying to find out who her real dad is. Robin's mom, Mimi Schwartz is a famous TV talk show host and never had enough time to love and pay any attention to her daughter. Setting This story mainly takes place in Mimi's gigantic mansion in New York City. It also takes place in a hostage in a small town in Nova Scotia, named Port Minton. Cover art of 'Not Suitable
For Family Viewing' Vicki Grant Main Event #1 The first main event happens when Robin and her best friend Selena are fooling around in Mimi's off limits bedroom. While laughing snickering about Robin's nanny, the two teenage girls knock down a chair. The chair gets knocked down so hard that the seam at the bottom opens ... revealing a hockey ring with the words, "Port Minton, Nova Scotia", written across the band. Selena leaves after arguing with Robin about being lazy and not wanting to discover the secret behind the ring. Robin, wanting to prove Selena wrong, tells her mom that she is going to visit her dad, while actually flying off to Port Minton for a few weeks. Main Event #2 When Robin reaches Port Minton, she realizes that she has reached a town with barely any population and is practically abandoned. She gets dropped off at a deserted highway by an old bus. Robin waits for a ride but finds no such luck. Instead, Robin begins to walk down the highway until a van parks beside her. A man inside tells her to come in and Robin agrees, desperate for a ride. However, Robin regrets her decision when she see's a chainsaw on the backseat of the van. The man inside the van introduces himself, saying he's a 19-year-old named Levi Nauss. Robin starts to get nervous and tells Levi to take her anywhere she can stay for the night. Robin even blurts out that her name is Opal (which is actually her middle name). Levi takes her to a hostage run by a kind lady named Kay. After this encounter with Levi, Robin decides that she hates him. and will try to avoid him the best she can. However, Levi keeps on coming back to the hostage since he's always helping out Kay. Problem The problem of this story is that Robin is on a search for the truth about her mom's childhood and the story behind the hockey ring. However, she has a hard time researching in such an abandoned town, with lots of history, but very few resources. Main Event #3 The third main event that occurs in this story is when Robin takes a trip to the tiny local library. There, she meets the kind librarian and lies about doing a project for her school about Port Minton. The librarian is very helpful, but doesn't give Robin what she really needs; the history of her mom. Robin doesn't give up, though. She finds a church bulletin with pictures of a star baseball player named Rosie Ingram ... the same pictures in Mimi's autobiography. Robin becomes puzzled by her completely unrelated pieces of information. Robin considers giving up and going back to New York, but is pulled back since she doesn't want to leave Levi; which she has developed a love for. Main Event #4 The fourth main event that took place in this book is when Robin is taking a bike ride on a long abandoned road. Everything is peaceful until a car comes out of nowhere and begins to come at Robin even faster. The car hits Robin right off her bike and into a ditch and speeds off. Robin has many little bruises and scratches but other than that, she turns out to be fine. She manages crawl back to the hostage and think about who might've been the stranger in the car.At first Robin thinks that it's Krystal, Levi's ex-girlfriend, but Levi talks her into just leaving the situation alone. A kind old lady named Opal Hiltz (oddly, the same name as Robin's middle name), invites Robin to stay at her home while recovering from the accident. Unfortunately, Robin gets attack another time, only this time with a brick with a threatening note attached. Mrs. Hiltz just shrugs it off and acted like nothing ever happened. Solution In the end, the story all wraps up and all of the questions are answered. Robin finds out that her mother is a bister (people from a deserted island near Port Minton) and was adopted by Mrs. Hiltz when she made the decision of saving all of the bister children from the harsh conditions of the abandoned island. Also, Robin finds out that her mother's real name was Minerva, and not Rosie Ingram or Mimi Schwartz. Robin's mom had a baby (who was Robin) with Mrs. Hiltz son, Percy, who ended up being Robin's real dad. When Robin's mom found out she was pregnant (at 18-years-old), Mrs. Hiltz kicked her out with quite a bit of money and told her to never return. Robin's mom stole her best friend's wallet and even her identity. She ran away to New York where she found a job to work as a nurse for an old man's (named Harry Reiner) sick wife. After his wife died, he allowed Robin's mother to stay there as long as she wanted, especially since she was about to have a baby. Harry even helped Robin land her first job as a co-host. The studio liked her so much, that she launched her first own local talk show, which ended up becoming world-wide. Just to be safe, she changed her name to Mimi and even got lots of plastic surgery so that she was nearly unrecognizable. Soon after, she met who Robin thought was her dad, and fell in love sadly, that relationship didn't last very long. Ever since then, she decided that she never would tell Robin about any of this. I HOPE YOU ENJOYED MY SUMMARY OF 'NOT SUITABLE FOR FAMILY VIEWING' BY VICKI GRANT :D
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