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Why did Duece Leave Hollywood Undead?

Duece, the chorus singer from the band Hollywood Undead, has left the band. Ever Wonder why? Watch, and find out!

Alston Mumpower

on 1 May 2011

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Transcript of Why did Duece Leave Hollywood Undead?

Well, first of all, if you don't know
who the members of Hollywood Undead are, I will be showing you! Why was Duece Kicked out of
Hollywood Undead? Johnny 3 Tears!
A.K.A J3T J3T does mainly
Raps. He usually
Has the lyrics with
Deeper Meanings. J-DOG! J-Dog Has a couple different jobs. In-studio, J-Dog does Bass Guitar, and raps. Live, J-Dog Raps, does Bass Guitar, and if there is no Bass guitar
In the song, he does Electric Keyboard Da Kurlzz! Da Kurlzz does Drums in Studio He doesn't have any purpose live, he just has
small verses in songs. He doesn't do drums live. Charlie Scene Charlie Does Regular Guitar
and Raps Funny Man! Funny Man Raps, and sometimes
Shouts with the chorus. Duece
( Kicked Out ) Duece was a Former Member
of Hollywood Undead He sang the chorus Shady Jeff ( Left The Band ) Shady Jeff had no Purpose,
and is only in a few of
The Bands songs. He did
small shouts in the chorus.
The only lyrics he ever had
was in the song
' Scene for Dummies ' Danny Danny is the Permanant
Replacement for Duece.
He sings the Chorus, just
like Duece. His voice is
Noticeably Deeper then
Duece's. So, Why was duece kicked out? Well, Deuce tried to take credit for the band's
First album, Swan Songs. It is widely seen as a
fact, by fans, that Swan Songs wouldn't exist
without duece. Well, this isn't true. Ever Member in Every song,
Have the Opportunity to be in the song, and if
They choose to be in a song, They have to write
their own lyrics. Since this is the case, no one
particular member can take credit for the entire
song. And, despite this, Duece tried to take credit
for Swan Songs anyway. After an Argument,
Everyone in the band (besides Duece) took a
vote. They all voted to kick Duece out of
Hollywood Undead Well, what is going to happen to Duece?
Many people are asking this. Duece is Currently
Making his own songs, his first one being
' A story of a Snitch '. He is also in the band
' 9Lives ' they have released a song called
' Here in L.A ' unfortunately, all of there songs
are being taken off of youtube, do to copyright
restrictions. You might be able to find a video
That isn't muted if you look hard. Well, thats it!
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It is a free program, that's easy to use.
www. Prezi.com Thanks for watching!!
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