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L and L Tavis Buckley

No description

Shawn Groves

on 17 October 2017

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Transcript of L and L Tavis Buckley

L and L Tavis Buckley
Latitude is where the lines go horizontal and the numbers are found on the maps sides. It's North and South of the equator.
Longitude is where the lines go in a vertical direction, and instead of the numbers being on the sides they are on the top and bottom. It's East or West of the Prime Meridian.
Ex. 15N, 60 W
Ex. 1, -5
What I did with that example was I started at the zero in the middle then moved to the positive one on the side and then moved down to the negative five at the bottom.
What I did for the map was I started at 15 North then moved over to 60 West and I got my coordinate.
The Equator is a line in the middle of the map that goes side to side of the map and is separating North from South North is Above the equator while South is below the equator.
Prime Meridian
Prime Meridian
The Prime Meridian is a line the starts in the middle of the map and goes top to bottom and it separates West from East with the West being on the left and East on the right of the Prime Meridian.
Africa Map Ex.
86 S
30 E
86 S, 30 E
What I did was I started below the equator with 86 S then moved over to to 30 E and they closest coordinate was South Africa and so that was my answer.
Problems People have when using Latitude and Longitude
People often forget that when it comes to world maps the lines are no longer straight they are curved so when you try to follow the line straight then you'll get the wrong answer. Even worse sometimes people will not look to see if the coordinate is North, South, East, or West and will end up getting the wrong coordinate because they coordinate was actually North but they thought it was South.
1. What direction does latitude go in.
1. Where is the equator located?

2. What direction do longitude lines go in?

3. Do you start with latitude or longitude first to get your coordinate

4. True or False?: North is at the top of the prime meridian.

5. How do you find a coordinate?
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