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COMM 398O: Media Revolutions

No description

Jon Hoffman

on 21 September 2017

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Transcript of COMM 398O: Media Revolutions

The printing press, the telegraph, and the internet
Media Revolutions and Democracy
Q1: What current media trend do you think will prove revolutionary?
Historical Media
Monopolies and the control of space
The Printing
Press & Empire
The Telegraph
Screen Theory
Effects Theories
Ethnographic Theory
What is an audience?
Gregg Housh
Q2: What are communication norms on the internet?
More spare (Hemmingway)
More formal
Facilitated Empire
Separation of Transportation
from Communication
From arbitrage to futures markets
Diminished importance of Space,
increase of time
"The Former Audience"
Stuart Hall: Encoding/Decoding
User Theory
Decoding as labor
Q1: How did you decode the last movie you saw?
Q2: In what way did Chanology contribute to the changing meaning of "audience"?
the owners and operators of tools
that were once exclusively used by media people to capture and hold their attention
Groups set 9/27
Wordpress/blogging walkthrough 9/26/27
Patented in 1837
Reached west coast 1861 (6 yrs before the railroad)
Wireless in 1890s
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