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Mrs. Gutierrez

No description

Gitzel Vargas

on 28 April 2016

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Transcript of Mrs. Gutierrez


Diagrama de Tara
Why did I choose Mrs. Gutierrez?
Adding and Subtracting
Creating Word Problems
Mrs. Gutierrez instructs her students to get into their group and create a word problem. When the 5 min. were over, Mrs. Gutierrez would chose a group to share their word problem with the class and point out which method they used from the Diagrama De Tara.
Mrs. Gutierrez
Students will learn how to solve word problems by adding or subtracting for the test.
Mrs. Gutierrez shows her students the graph she had created to help them solve what the word problem is asking for add or subtract. (Diagrama de Tara means Tape Diagram)
Mrs. Gutierrez would put a problem up on the board for students to solve. Students work the problem on their white boards or desk, which was easy for Mrs. Gutierrez to see if any of the students were struggling with the problem.
Creating your story
Mrs. Gutierrez puts a problem on the bored and ask her students to tell her a story using the the problem written on the bored.
For instance, my friend had 24 horses and I had only 12 . How many horses did my friend and I have together?
Mrs. Gutierrez uses different methods to teach her students about how to solve word problems. Another strategy she used is she tells her students to imagine the letters A, B, C, D, are fruits apple, banana, grapes, and oranges. She tells her students, in order to pick the right one you need to try them all out.
Students' Success
The students were engaged in learning this material, because most of them would raise their hands to participate when Mrs. Gutierrez would look around to call on someone. When Mrs. Gutierrez was walking around she would look at the students work and noticed the students were understanding concept so she moved on to the next lesson
Mrs. Gutierrez was not only managing one class, but two. She was very creative and dedicated to teach her students what they needed to learn.
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