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The impact of the cotton gin and railroads on Georgia

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Michael Skinner

on 20 February 2014

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Transcript of The impact of the cotton gin and railroads on Georgia

The Railroads
The Cotton Gin's Origins
It was created by Eli Whitney in 1793.
It was used to pick the seeds from cotton faster and easier.

The Impact of the cotton gin
The cotton gin made producing a lot easier. Due, to this large land owners need more slaves to harvest and plant more cotton. The cotton gin boomed Georgia's encomey greatly. Georgia soon become the cotton capital of the U.S.
The impact of railroads
Railroads impacted Georgia in many ways. First of all they made Georgia a cotton king. With the Cotton Gin producing more cotton, the rail roads shipped it faster than the usual horse and wagon. Producing the cotton faster and shipping it faster, made Georgia a economically structured state. This also enabled Georgia to invested heavily in railroads.
The railroads were used to transported goods. Mainly agriculture goods were transported. Most railroads cut through large farms and plantations, so farmers could put there harvest in the train cars.
University Of Georgia
It was established 1785, it was the first government funded college and university in the nation. It was founded by Abraham Baldwin.
Named the state capital in 1795 due to Savannah was to far away from the center of growing Georgia. It served as the capital from 1796 to 1806.
This system was used to grant land to white males.
Many ones with families. It system was used widely.
Headright system
Land Lotteries
Georgia received some of the Creek indians land, so they started to grant the land in lotteries. You had two barrels one with the land and the other with the names. They pull from both.
Yazoo land fraud
In the 1790's Georgia's government sold Yazoo land to private company, that sold it to farmers and settlers. The companions give the government representatives
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