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Good-Bye, and Keep Cold

No description

Lamar Goodwine

on 4 February 2014

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Transcript of Good-Bye, and Keep Cold

Summary & Understanding
After reading, we see that the poem is about the caring of an orchard
The prominent part is the speaker not wanting the orchard to warm
The above is where the "good-bye and keep cold comes from" (Line 18)
"Dread 50 above more than 50 below" (Line 19)
Good-Bye and Keep Cold
By: Robert Frost
Rhyme Scheme
There are several example of rhyme scheme in the poem
This follows an AA, BB, CC, DD, EE, FF, BB
Imagery - Frost presents vivid pictures of an orchard in the middle of winter. He also describes different critters such as a deer or mouse eating from the orchard. "dreamily nibbled for browse by deer"
Type of Writing - The author is describing a certain setting that gives him different emotions. This is famous of Frost, sharing settings that leads to the change of emotions.
Diction - Frost strategically uses abstract diction which invokes the same sweet, somber setting of the orchard.
He uses words such as warm, and dreamily nibbled
Syntax - The sentence structures are quite long and concrete and the use of parenthesis add complete sentences in order to add extra thoughts and details
Tone - The author feels content with how he has tended to the orchard, but must leave one last thing to nature ("something has to be left to God"). He must leave the orchard and hope that it stays cold as winter transitions to spring.
Thank You!!
By: Kiara Thomas
Omari Martin
Ryan Antoine
Lamar Goodwine
Study Of "Good-bye, and Keep Cold"
The mood given from the poem is a somber mood. The speaker has to leave the orchid but fears that the rise of the temperature will threaten its life. The last line "something has to be left to God" refers to leaving the matter up to God.

Omari Martin
Ryan Antoine
Lamar Goodwine
Kiara Thomas
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