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Monopoly of Knowledge

No description

Jy Chan

on 11 October 2016

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Transcript of Monopoly of Knowledge

church and state were one
monopoly of knowledge in the case of religion
texts were in Latin
priest sold indulgences (papers that will reduce time in purgatory)
define monopoly of knowledge
1400s monopoly of knowledge and the printing press
monopolies of knowledge in HK
knowledge: information, literacy, science
centralization of power
power to control information flow
often uses dominant media
often has ability to decide what is legitimate
What is a monopoly of knowledge?
one of the main choices for social networking
headlines, information, and links found on social media
collecting data: recommended pages, ads, and friends
Facebook and social media
Code on Access to Information
Monopoly of Knowledge
The Church and State in the 1400s
disruptive technology?
at first, welcomed by the church
put to use for the church's means:
Invention of the Printing Press
Effects of the printing press
many reforms
spread of new ideas that challenged old ones
sudden emergence of beliefs in certain freedoms
Present Day Monopoly of Knowledge in Hong Kong???
judicial review not provided
does not apply to administrative tribunals and courts
information may be refused
information that must be provided for the general public by civil servants
routinely published/released
can be requested (must respond in 21 days)
government records
Information that could be refused
Defense and security
External affairs
Nationality, immigration and consular matters
Law enforcement, legal proceedings and public safety
Damage to the environment
Management of the economy
Management and operation of the public service
Internal discussion and advice
Public employment and public appointments
Improper gain or advantage
Research, statistics and analysis
Third party information
Privacy of the individual
Business affairs
Premature requests
free-to-air services (includes news)
April 1 2015: Executive council announced that license will not be renewed
April 1 2016: transmission ceased
Radio Television Hong Kong (RTHK)
Television Broadcasts Limited (TVB)
HK Television Entertainment (HKTVE)
Free-to-air TV licensees
monopolies of knowledge occur when knowledge/power is centralized
exists in different ways and aspects in current day society
economic advantage
monopoly of knowledge:
one of the only free-to-air channels that provides news
one POV
different interpretation of ideas
different views
new beliefs that challenge old ones
Facebook and social media
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