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Byzantine Empire

No description

Jesse Conant

on 22 November 2013

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Transcript of Byzantine Empire

Legacy and Impact of the Byzantine Empire
Enduring Legacy of Byzantine Empire
-Only stable state throughout medieval Europe

-Commercial center/hub throughout medieval Europe

-Transmission of Classical cultures to Early Modern Europe
-AKA=Byzantium or Istanbul

-Founder, Constantine is a Roman-moved Roman capital here in 330 CE

-Best location for trade, surrounded by water on three sides, centrally located

"A Roman body, a Greek mind, and a mystical soul."
What does this quote say about the Byzantine Empire?
Use Google Earth!!

-Conquered North Africa, Italy, Spain

-First to systematically synthesize Roman law with Christianity

-Justinian’s Code becomes the foundation for future European legal code

-Building of Hagia Sophia

-Blue versus Green Riots at the Hippodrome


-Developed branch of Christianity called Orthodox Christianity

-In 1054 Pope excommunicated the patriarch of Constantinople He then did the same of the pope. From this point forward Orthodoxy influenced the east and Roman Catholicism the west.

-Used coined money, (Nomisma) . Coined money remained remarkably stable.

-Revival of the mosaic art and regional schools of architecture began producing many distinctive styles.

-Fourth Crusade- This was the single most catastrophic event of the Byzantine Empire. Crusaders attacked the Byzantine capital. This horrible sacking of Constantinople occurred on April 13, 1204.
Critical Events During the Byzantine Empire
Some Details on the Eastern Orthodox Church (E.O.C.)

-Orthodox="In agreement with the right belief”

-Prayer to saints (Cyril, Basil)

-Church and state are united in Byzantine Empire

-Monasteries and convents for the poor

-Priests could marry

Eastern Church (EOC vs. RCC) Western Church
1054 CE= Schism

Mystical versus practical

Philosophical versus Obedient

Patriarch versus Pope

Emperor versus King

Icons versus Anti-icons
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