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Adv. Computer Apps

Tester for class

Amanda Williams

on 27 April 2010

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Transcript of Adv. Computer Apps

Adv. Computer Apps Emma Natalia Priya Naasha Natalie Gabriella Salma Ferris Bridget Celysa Siobhan Ijeoma Amanda What did you learn in Computer Class? I learned that people actually do need rehab for internet addictions
-Naasha April 7, 2010 Today I learned that on premier, to be able to rework the audio, one must drag the music, that must be saved in itunes, into the audio 1 section; if the music is not saved in itunes, then whatever progress one has made will not be deleted.
-Salma January 13, 2010 Today, I learned that the murmurings of Apple releasing a Mac Tablet have gotten louder and that Microsoft is now taking the step towards allowing residents in the EU to use a variety of web browsers--not just Internet Explorer.
-Priya January 5, 2010
I learned how to animate layers on photoshop and I also learned that Mrs. Frommert does not like Paint!
-Amanda October 6, 2009
I learned how to get rid of red eyes in pictures on photoshop.
-Natalia Lombana
September 8, 2009 Today I learned about "Kuler" and how it helps you chose color schemes for your web page.
-Natalia Baizan November 3, 2009 Today I learned about augmented reality, and you hold a black and white piece of paper in front of a webcam, and if it recognizes it, it will make a 3D mini movie.
-Emma November 21, 2009 Mrs. Frommert In class I learned that, on Windows 7, one can preview minimized programs on the toolbar by hovering over them.
-Ijeoma January 26, 2010 I learned how they used a split screen in the Parent Trap.
-Celysa Febuary 23, 2010 Today I learned how to put text on a video or picture; in addition, I learned that Mrs. Frommert wants to be a dancer/news reporter/baby namer.
-Natalie January 19, 2010 Today I learned about the new technologies being created using a tongue device that allows the blind to see.
-Ferris November 9. 2009 I learned how to insert an image and add a border to the image and align an image in a web page.
-Bridget October 28, 2009 I learned how to make someone symmetrical.
-Celysa September 29. 2009 Today, I learned how to make a table using code.
-Addison November 3, 2009 i learned that we are getting a new green screen
-Addison Febuary 23, 2010
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