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No description

Anfernee Daniel

on 21 September 2013

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Transcript of Beowulf

Epic Hero Poetry
Amber Prickett
Anfernee Daniel

Mr. Prince 7th Per.

Grendel's mother
Quote: "Grendel is no braver, no stronger than I am! I could kill him with my sword; I shall not, easy as it would be."
Archetype: Hero
A midieval warrior whose known to be arrogant and takes on challeneges to boast his personal name
Archetype: Mentor, this one fit the best because he is older, was a warrior in his day and Beowulf respects him
Quote: Do not give way to pride.
For a brief while your strength is in bloom
but it fades quickly;
He is the king of the Spear-Danes, who was a skilled warrior in his day. Beowulf has loyalty towards him because of affairs with his father
Archetype: The Devil Figure
quote: "Grendel came, hoping to kill "
description: The beast that lived in Herot, who terrorized at night, until meeting his match in Beowulf
Description: Came to avenge the death of her son, fights different than her son, and gives Beo a tough time before he beheads her.
Quote: " female horror, Grendel's mother, living in the murky cold lake"
Archetype: Devil Type
archetype: Snake type
description: Someone who challenges the claims
of Beowulf
quote: "The fact is, Unferth, if you were truly as keen and courageous as you claim to be Grendel would never have got away with such unchecked atrocity."

I war oft against wave and fight against wind,
do battle with both, when I reach to the ground,
covered by the waters. The land is strange to me.
I am strong in the strife if I stay at rest.
If I fail at that, they are stronger than I
and forthwith they wrench me and put me to rout.
They would carry away what I ought to defend.
I withstand them then if my tail endures
and the stones hold me fast. Ask what my name is.
The answer is an anchor.
You know this because the riddle says:

I war oft against wave and fight
against wind, do battle with both, and when i reach the ground, covered by the waters.
The Seafearer
Anglo-Saxons were a mixture of settlers who came to Britian. They lived in small villages and made their own supplies. They were sailors since they lived near bodies of water and could build the supplies they needed.
Unlike the roman people in Britain, the Anglo-Saxons did not practice Christianity but pagans. They believed in lucky charms and they thought that magic rhymes, potions,stones, or jewels would protect them from evil and sickness. Eventually the Pope of Romans sent a Monk to persuade the king to Christianity, and within 100 years they were christians .
Sons and Daughters

The daughters learned how to cooking,weave cloth, making cheese and brew ale. A few girls learned to read and write. By the age of 10, they were considered adults and married or a christian nun.
The boys learned to chop down trees, plough a field and how to use a spear in a battle. They also did other outside activities such as rowing a boat. A few boys learned to read and write. Sons of kings were taught at home by private teachers.

3 x 3
Morals kills sympathy
Apathy chokes existence
Divine conquers completely
A young warrior who is with Beowulf during battle with the Dragon
Quote: "this act of courage all alone"
Archetype: Loyal Retainers

Quote on Seafearer
"I can make a true song about me myself, tell my travels, days of struggle, troublesome times"
The song that this relates to is
Started from the Bottom- Young Money
"I wear every single chain, even
when im in the house, cuz we started from the bottom now we here"
"living in mama, house we argued every month"
Marriage and Adulthood
Women married men of her same rank, for example:
a wealthy man and a wealthy woman

They were allowed to choose who they wanted to marry unless the family did not approve.

Women were allowed to own land and leave wills.
The Anglo-Saxons were traditional people, who had many customs like we once had before the wore. The wife handled the house chores while the man was the provider. I relate this to the riddle because sometimes the anchor can go, and be pushed away from the tide. And sometimes, the anchor stays and doesn't change. The Anglo-Saxons were a group of people who didnt change, they kept their customs and lived by them. But, you dont have many people living this same way of life now. And I relate that to the anchor moving and things changing. Think of "The Tide Changing."
Old English Statement
Is Beowulf a hero? Well, let’s examine what a hero is. Here are two different definitions. One; a man of distinguished courage or ability, admired for his brave deeds and noble qualities. Next; a person who, in the opinion of other, has heroic qualities or has performed a heroic act and is regarded as a model or ideal. To me, a hero is someone who does good deeds for the benefit of everybody else, instead of for his personal gain.

They have seen my strength; have watched me rise from the darkness of war, dripping with my enemies blood. Chased all of that race from the earth. I swam in the darkness of night, hunting monsters out of the ocean, and killing them one by one; death was my errand and the fate they had earned. Now Grendel and I are called together, and I've come. (Translated)
--Lines 417-426
It’s obvious that he is arrogant, and uses battles like this to add to his ego, and has a lot to do with his personal gain. He is a hero, in my eyes, but his actions contradict the archetype of a hero. Just because he wants to be recognized for his actions, rather than just saving lives for just. But, Beowulf is indeed heroic, just all the reasons aren’t legit.

Hero Analysis

Waiting to use his hard jaws
Grendel snatched the first man
He got him, severed him, chopped
His body into bits with his powerful jaws
And drank his blood from his body and bolted

425 He was down, on his hands and feet;
And Grendel’s great teeth came together,
Snapping life shut. Then he stepped to another
body, clutched at Beowulf with his claws,
Beowulf stated “Ive been waiting,”
In a matter of seconds Grendel

430 was instantly seized himself, claws
Bent back as Beowulf leaned up on one arm.
That shepherd of evil, guardian of crime,
Knew at once that nowhere on earth
Had he met a man whose hands were harder;
He thought to himself “how is this possible.”

435 Grendel, terrified—but nothing
Could take his body from that tight
Hard grip. Grendel’s one thought was to run
From Beowulf, flee back to his marsh and hide there:
This was a different Herot than the hall he had emptied.

440 But Higlac’s follower remembered his final
Boast and, standing erect, stopped
The monster’s flight, fastened those claws
In his fists till they cracked, clutched Grendel
Closer. The infamous killer fought

445 For his freedom, wanting nothing but to retreat,
Desiring nothing but escape; his claws
Had been caught, he was trapped. That trip to Herot
Was a miserable journey for the Beast!

Translated version of his fight with Grendel
I was asked to read “Beowulf” by Burton Raffle, at the request of my teacher Mr. Prince. We were then asked to read the version by Heaney and make a comparison. I enjoyed the original version of the text by Raffle, but the Heaney version sounded more profound and more descriptive compared to the Raffle version. We agree the Heaney version is more modern and down to earth than the original text. It was fun and exciting to read, Amber felt it was easier to understand. I personally feel like this should be the version we started off with because it was more captivating us more. He made this story, epic poem, and more accessible to the both of us. Better word usage, more modern, and appealing to a younger audience. The tone was a little more easy going, not as serious than the Raffle version. MASTERPIECE
Translation Comparions
I and my partner have mashing personalities,She is the mature person, while Iam the outgoing person, whom she has to check to make sure we dont get out of line and off task.

Ic and mín féolaga Ælfríc slege frwiræde ic se éadwela mé, fæc héo sy sé útgánde mé, Cædmon ic ælfsogoða fetor áþ gæc héo ne sócn út sylfum æcyrf sgifan.
People in my generation often look to
previous generational literature as the
height of writing and creativity. Agreeably so,
the likes of Shakespeare and Burton
Raffle, I understand why. Sure there's
some great writers today, such as Heaney
and J.K. Rowling, but this period is often
the one revered. Their culture was a lot
more simple, yet, their works were some
of the most creative. You will learn about
the Anglo-Saxon period, their lifestyle, and
way of life during that time , and some of the
literature also. Prepare for a look back on
history through our eyes. Enjoy.
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