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Nature of Science

Introduction to Scientific Method

Joe Teague

on 25 August 2014

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Transcript of Nature of Science

The Nature of Science
-Describe the main branches of natural science and relate them to each other.
-Describe the relationship between science and technology.
-Distinguish between a scientific law and a scientific theory.
-Explain the roles of models and mathmatics in scientific theories and laws.
First things first

What is science?
in order to find out
How nature behaves.
Biological Science:

The science of
living things
Physical Science

The science of
and energy
Earth Science

The science of
study of plants
study of the balance of nature
study of forces
and energy
study of matter and it's changes
the study of physical nature
and the history of the Earth
the study of the atmosphere
and weather
Science has many
distinct branches
Branches of science often
What branch of science would you be studying if you were observing the physics involved in a volcanic eruption?
answer: geophysics
What branch of science
would you be studying if
you were studying the changes
of matter that takes place
answer = biochemistry
What in the blue
blazes is technology?
answer = the application
of science for practical
Pure Science
What is pure science?
answer = actual experiments
to find out how the
world works.
Scientific Law
Scientific Theory
What are the differences?
A law is a summary
of many experimental
results and observations.
A law tells us how the world works.
What a law does not
do is attempt to explain:
Why the world works the way it works.
A theory is an explanation
for some phenomenon that
is based on observations,
experiments, and reasoning.
unlike a law a theory
tries to explain
Why the world works the way it works.
A law happens every
time with no exceptions.
The Law of Gravity happens everytime
with no exceptions
Why do you think the theory of evolution is hotly
debated but the law of gravity is never in the news?
The reason is the nature of of what a theory is when compared to a law.
Theories are always being questioned.
To remain a valid a theory must
continue to pass several tests:
A theory must be:
-experiments that support
the theory must be repeatable
-must be able to predict outcomes
based on the theory
Laws never change
while some theories
have been proven to
be incorrect over time.
Models and Math
What is a model?
A scientific model is a representation
of an object that can be studied to
tell us about the real object
models can be

Models can be
minuratures of the
real objects.
Models can be
What does math have to do with science?
Science is studied all over
the world by scientist who
speak many different languages.
no matter where in the
world there is one thing
in science that is the same
the world over.
The common language of science which is mathmatics.
study of animals
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