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My best friend.

No description

Jessica Garza

on 24 October 2013

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Transcript of My best friend.

My best friends.
My best friends
loves and hates.
She loves: dogs and food
She like: anime and punky punky
She don't like:cockroaches and shrimp
She hate:Justin Biber and One direction.
She has.
she got some books
she has a draft
she has some colors
she has a spell
she has some markers
she has a calculator
she has brand texts
she has a sharpener

About it.
Her name is Sharon Jaqueline de Ledesma Orozco, her is 12 years old, her was born in United States, his hobbies are drawing, playing guitar and singing, her favorite singer is Lady Gaga, his band is favorite moderato and in his spare time I like to watch anime.
My best friends.
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