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Personal Finance

Mosella and I plan our life.

Halle Thomas

on 11 January 2013

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Transcript of Personal Finance

Mosella and Halle Personal Finance Careers Pediatrician Children House 4,546 square footage
Five bedrooms and four bathrooms
401 square feet of lot space
Family room, garage, pool, game room, sauna, two fireplaces and a balcony. Halle Mosella Special Education
Teacher (Elementary) Net Monthly Combined: $15,338.75 Gross Mean Average Salary:
$183,770 Gross Mean Average Salary:
$61,650 Gross Mean Average Salary Combined: $245,420 Combined Net Annual Salary: $184,065 Nefetiri Maya Thomas-Hunt An out-going and out-spoken ten-year-old girl with a great sense of humor. Genevieve Renee Thomas-Hunt A quiet, bookish girl of six, who is as smart as she is kind. Josephine Adonna Thomas-Hunt A sassy, four-year-old girl who always says what's on her mind. Alexander James Thomas-Hunt
Noah Henry Thomas-Hunt Sweet, little twins of six months: Alex is a bit fussy, but Noah never gives any trouble at all. After Children Expenses Monthly: $13,262.50 Total Children Expenses Monthly: $2,076.25 House Budget Location:
Godfrey, Illinois Purchase
$299,000 Down
$29,900 Interest rate is 4% on
a thirty year loan,
so our monthly mortgage payment: $1,278.53 Monthly taxes: $333.33 Total House Payment Monthly insurance payment: $91 Mortgage Insurance: $90 $1,792.86 Total Monthly House Payment: Budget After the Monthly House Payment: $11,469.64 Automobiles Chrysler Town and Country Touring Mileage: 0
Price: $29,890 Leased Interest rate: 2.9% for 36 months Monthly Payment: $274 Monthly Utilities Total Amount Paid on the Car: $10,250.06 Monthly Electricity and Gas:
$450 Monthly Water:
$75 Monthly Cable and Internet:
$79.94 Total Utilities: $604.94 Budget After Utilities: $10,864.70 Buick Verano 1SD Mileage: 0 Price: $38,445 Leased Interest Rate: 6.9% for 60 months Monthly Payment: $199 Total Amount Paid: $12,405.66 Total Monthly Payment on Both Cars, including Registration, License and Insurance: $747 Total Monthly Budget After Both Car Payments: $10,117.70 Furniture Living Room Couch Set: $1,339.99 Bookcase: $154.99 Trunk: $114.99 The Twins' Bedroom Two cribs: $238.00 Two Mattresses: $139.98 Storage: $355.00 Car License and Registration and
Car Insurance Car Insurance: $220 Car Liscense and Registration: $54
Changing table: $59.99
Changing pad: $6.99
Bed linen: $29.98
Curtains: $29.99

Bed: $499.99
Linen: $79.99
Dresser: $729.99
Curtains: $18.99 Nefetiri's Room
Bed: $629.99
Comforter set: $69.99
Dresser: $503.99 Genevieve and Josephine's Room Family Room Couch: $1,059.99
Television: $1,351.00
Bookcase: $1,649.97 Dining Room Table and Chairs: $949.99
China Hutch: $792 Curtains: $24.99
Mirror: $14.99
Nightstand: $104.99
Desk: $149.99 Computer Desk: $414.72
Coffee Table: $274.99 Computer: $478.99
Chair: $119.99 Xbox: $299.99
Bluray player: $89.99
Coffee Table: $159.99 Guest Bedroom
Bed: $1,299.99
Comforter Set: $149.99
Dresser: $479.99 Bathrooms
Shower Curtains (4): $119.96
Towels (4 sets of eight): $183.96
Toothbrushes: $9.99 Toothbrush holders (2): $53.98
Rugs (4): $163.96 Kitchen
Two Highchairs: $59.99
Microwave: $149.04
Silverware: $150.00 Plates: $48
Bowls: $54
Pots and Pans: $104
The Twins' Silverware: $1.99 Master Bedroom
Bed: $599.00
Nightstand: $129.00
Dressers: $299.00
Curtains: $14.99
Comforter Set: $24.99 Other Items
Two Car seats: $195.98
Booster Seat: $36.99
Stroller: $239.99 Total Furniture Expense: $17,508.18 Total Monthly Budget for Furniture: $2,585.68 Total Monthly Budget After Furniture: $7,532.02 Months of Savings: Seven months Healthy Menu and Grocery List https://docs.google.com/a/milanareaschools.org/document/d/1LI8eH7Za1jUg9JFXRHxsRFfnoTGT7SxKQAytGTG4Nwg/edit Miscellaneous Items https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0Aq-vFijlb0WjdEJoTW96ZlV6Y0RCNS02UFJfS3poWWc Total Amount of Groceries Monthly: $937.36 Total Monthly Budget After Groceries: $6,594.66 Monthly Expenses: Savings and Other Expenditures Total Amount of Expenditures Monthly: $605.32 Monthly Budget After Miscellaneous Items: $5,989.34 Glasses: $41.83 Investments Total Amount of Money Invested Per Month: $1,534.00 Monthly Budget after Investments: $4,455.34 The End Thank you for listening!
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