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Endangered Marine Animals

No description

Manor Prep

on 1 July 2016

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Transcript of Endangered Marine Animals

Endangered Marine Animals
Dolphins are mammals. They eat fish and enjoy swimming in the Mediterranean sea, the red sea and the black sea.

A few reasons why dolphins are being killed are, they accidentally get trapped in fishing nets and drown, Noise from ship engines can stress and physically damage dolphins and disrupt their natural behavior and navigation, Pollution not only makes dolphins sick, but also reduces the health of the habitat and the ecosystems they’re part of, Over fishing is also a huge problem as it means that dolphins don't get enough food.

Sea turtles
sea turtles are reptiles that live in water and breathe air.
Here are some of the things that are slowly killing the sea turtles of the world: Getting stuck in fishing nets, just like the dolphins, they get stuck and then drown, also, turtles are finding it harder to find places to lay their eggs due to houses being built on the land, turtles are poached for their eggs and their meat and finally, climate change is encouraging the water level to rise and more intense storms which destroys nesting beaches.
Whales are mammals that live in water and breathe air. They usually eat small crustacean like crayfish and shrimp but can sometimes, usually killer whales, eat seals and sharks.
Whales are endangered because: they have many collisions with ships, again, getting caught in fishing nets, pollution and noise from ships that can damage a whale's hearing.
things you can do to help
there are many things that you can do to help stop these beautiful innocent creatures from becoming extinct
Our Animals
we have chosen these animals:
.sea turtles
we have chosen these because they are all endangered and we need to help them by raising awareness to the next generation.

. Don't drop unnatural objects into the rivers and oceans
. pick up litter that you see lying around especially plastic bags, bottles, fishing nets on the beach etc
. don't drop litter in the first place

These small tasks can do a lot to prevent injury and death of animals.
Please help and think before extinct!
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