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the best sport ever

Studentsix Newhope

on 24 October 2013

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Transcript of CHEERLEADING

Where did cheerleading begin?
When did cheerleading begin?
It started in 1880. It started almost the same time as football and basketball.
It began at Princeton University in Pascataway, New Jersey
Is cheerleading a sport?
Yes, because in the dictionary the definition of cheerleading is an athletic activity requiring skill
Its how they take the time to learn the formations ,flips ,tumbling ,stunts ,and dance which are kinda hard to pull off
What makes cheerleading a sport?
Is cheerleading a dangerous sport?
Yes, because when a girl or boy is being tossed up or put up in the air, they are risking their lives and have to trust their bases to catch them. If the flyer is not caught properly, they could easily break bones or maybe even lose their lives. Another thing is over 16,000 cheerleaders are badly injured, are rushed to the ER, or die each year.
How did cheerleading start?
Rugby players at the University of Princeton first started cheering in the 1880's and Jimmy Campbell, one of the students at Princeton, directed the crowds and fans by doing cheers
What kind of tumbling is there?
back tuck
front punch
double full
back twist
star fish
What are the teams in cheerleading?
youth co-ed
junior co-ed
senior co-ed
international co-ed
How old do you have to be to be able to do competitive cheer?
You have to at least be 1 years of age.
How many levels are there in competitive cheer?
There are six different levels!
Why are there only 6 levels in competitive cheer?
Because the level six cherleading teams have the highest skill, technique, tumbling, and stunts that anyone could think of.
How many competitive cheer gyms are there in the world?
There are over 1 billion cheer gyms in the world!
Are there any career opportunities for a cheerleader?
Yes, some jobs such as
coaching a cheer team
owning a cheer gym
judging at cheer competitions
working at cheer camps
fitting girls and boys for cheer uniforms
Is cheerleading as dangerous football?
It depends on the definition of dangerous.There were more than 22,900 injuries and half of them were trips to the ER in 2009.Also cheerleading requires flexibility and trust while being thrown in the air!So it is actually as dangerous as football.
What are the positions in a cheer stunt?
main base
regular base
front spot
back spot
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