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Mass media

UK teens vs Russian teens

Юлия Максакова

on 7 February 2014

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Transcript of Mass media

Mass Media
UK teens vs Russian teens
The lesson agenda
Mass media in the UK & Russia
Lesson plan
Accumulate knowledge on the topic "Mass Media"
Observe the present situation with the Mass Media in the UK
Learn the pecularities of Mass Media preferences among British and Russian teenagers
Draw the conclusion
Task 1
Let's summarize the information we know about Mass Media in the UK
Task 2
Study the present state of things in the modern world of the UK Mass Media
Watch the video and decide which mind map describes this video the best
Task 3
Individual task
Follow the tasks on www.wikispaces.com
Complete the tasks
Create your podcast on
the topic on www.podomatic.com
Study the preferences in Mass Media among British and Russian teenagers
Group task
complete the questionnaire, share your attitude to
Mass Media
solve the online crossword, check your knowledge of
Mass Media Vocabulary
Making a report
Compare Media preferences of British & Russian teenagers
Single out the preferences of British teenagers
Single out the preferences of Russian teenagers
Compare the results
Draw a conclusion
The Survey
the resourse is www.ria.ru
The most popular Mass Media among both British & Russian teens is Social Media
Follow the link and complete
the online quiz on
Social Media in the UK Statistics 2012
Complete the table with the information about Social Media in Russia
Thank you for
the lesson
Good Bye
I liked I don’t know I didn’t like
efficiency at the lesson
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