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Greek Roots- Lesson Six

No description

Kyle Palmer

on 2 February 2012

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Transcript of Greek Roots- Lesson Six

Greek Roots- Lesson Six Roots tom: cut ton, ten: stretch, tone chir: hand pod: foot cephal: head dactyl: finger, toe gloss, glott, glot:
tongue, language osteo: bone derm, dermat: skin plas, plasm, plast:
mold, shape, form, substance Suffixes -algia, -algy: pain -algiac: one who suffers pain -algic, -algetic: pertaining
to or causing pain -itis: inflammation -itic: one who has inflammation, characterized by inflammation -machy, -machia:
war, fight -machist: one who fights -machic, -machical, -machal:
pertaining to fighting Vocab atom
polyglot osteotomy
plastic cephalalgia
logomachy chiromancy
tautology Prefixes pachy-
thick tauto-
same Homework Write a short story using at least five roots,
one suffix and one prefix. Make sure to
use them correctly.
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