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The Environment

No description

Jenny Jariwala

on 23 January 2014

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Transcript of The Environment

Natural Disasters
The Environment
Global Warming
Air pollution
Depletion of ozone layer
Global Overview
After the World Wars and the Cold War in which nuclear weapons were used, many issues developed in the environment. Along with man made destruction, natural disasters also impacted the environment.
1.) Overall Global Advancement
2.) Water Issues
3.) Unavailable throughout many locations

industrial and agricultural chemicals
a.) Children often attend schools to earn an education so they don't have to face this issue in the future
b.) Children often have to drop out of school at a young age in order to help collect water for the family
c.) There is little impact on the children, it affects adults on a much higher level

Depletion of ozone layer
All of the following are common forms of air pollution except:
a.) smog
b.) acid rain
c.) greenhouse gases
d.) oxygen & carbon dioxide
Baby Boomers
Fertility Rate
Mortality Rate
Immigration vs. Emigration
Destruction of forested land
Causes: Logging, Agricultural expansion, Wars, and Mining
Effects: Carbon Dioxide and no biodiversity
Which of the following is not a cause of deforestation?
a. Logging
b. Higher Carbon Emission
c. Wars
d. Mining
When did the "Baby Booming" period take place?
a. Post WWI
b. Great Depression
c. Post WWII
d. Before WWII
What is the impact on children that lacked clean drinking water in rural areas of the world?

How had hurricane Katrina form?
a. Over the Bahamas
b. In the Gulf of Mexico
c. Over the coast of Africa
d. In the middle of the Atlantic
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