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Social Media Demo (Take 2)

started 4.13.10

Lynn Heidmann

on 16 April 2010

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Transcript of Social Media Demo (Take 2)

Media Why? Connect Leads Feedback Outreach Monitor Competition Branding Illustrate Culture 60% - 80% of defecting customers describe
themselves as "satisfied" or "very
satisfied" just before they leave. Traditional sources of feedback are limited and flawed 4% of customers are willing to
tell companies directly of their
dissatisfaction. yet
52% of customers are willing to
blog about brands, products
or services and
73% will post product or brand
reviews to Facebook
and/or Twitter Sources: Razorfish, BusinessWeek and the American Marketing Association LinkedIn = 60 million+
Twitter = 75 million+
Facebook = 400 million + 97% Percentage of people who interact with a
brand online that are likely to recommend
that brand to a friend: 65% Percentage of people who have had a digital
experience change their opinion of a brand: Overall Objectives: Increase Partner use of tools

Make social media sites extensions
of Zywave products and services

Strengthen Zywave as a brand Four Primary Outlets Twitter, @Zywave Twitter, @ZywaveCareers Facebook, Zywave Fan Page LinkedIn, Zywave Partner Group Product info Conference Info Training Industry News AgencyFuel articles Questions to engage dialog Sales insights Sample Briefcase documents Fun facts All linked content to live on Zywave.com How can you get involved? Build your own presence Encourage organic growth Send your ideas Be Active Spread the word to Engage everyone transparency Monthly report Featured Tweet
Featured Tweeter
...and more!

Expectations Educate
Be optimistic
Encourage use Marketing Strategy: Completely and creatively integrate social media into Zywave experience. Brand identity
Brand awareness Via SEM/SEO, social media and Zywave.com Sprint 2 (3 weeks) Sprint 3 (3 weeks) Sprint 4 (3 weeks) Demo video release (today!) SMR training session (4.28 or 4.29) Begin to build social media following (employees & Partners already using social media) - ongoing More social media informational/training materials available on Zortal for all employees First montly social media report goes out to employees Social media feeds/links available on Zortal First round of marketing collateral put in place (e-mail signatures, some business cards) Formal social media invitation out to Partners Social media integrated into new Partner implementation process Build social media instructions into Partner training material Second round of marketing collateral put in place (banner ads, recruiting materials, etc.) New public site launch complete (end May/beginning June)
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