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How to steal a dog summary

No description

Carter Nichols

on 4 June 2013

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Transcript of How to steal a dog summary

"How to Steal a Dog" Book Summary How to steal a dog is a heartwarming story about confidence, a hard time, and mischief. A girl named Georgina Hayes and her annoying, crybaby brother named Toby, are devastated when their dad abandons the rest of the family only leaving three rolls of quarters and a mayonnaise jar full of wadded up dollar bills. But it didn't stop there. The apartment owner kicks out Georgina and her family. Now alone and homeless,they must live in a car, while the mom looks for a job. One night, while Georgina is figuring out way to afford a house, she sees a sign that says: "Lost dog: Reward is $500" That gave Georgina an idea. Steal dogs, wait for a reward sign, then return dog. Now on a journey to steal a dog, Georgina must pass through hard obstacles, make new friends, and learn about cool, cute, dogs. But there is one problem: will Georgina see the wrong in the plan? By Barbara O' Connor Project by:

Carter Nichols Characters Georgina 1. Mischievous 2. Courageous 3. Depressed 4. hopeful Toby 1. Respectful 2. Crybaby 3. Annoying ( To his sister) 4. Caring The Mother 1. Care giving 2.Short tempered 3. Hard-working 5. Female 5. Male 4. Stressed 5. Female Carmella 1. Scared 2. Caring 3. Enthusiastic 4. Outgoing 5. Female Mookie 1. Weird 2. Scary 3. Wise 4. Kind 5. Male The Plot And The Problems In the warm city of Darby, there was a neighborhood, which had a lot of trouble going on. It was heading toward the end of the school year, and Georgina and her little brother Toby had stolen a dog. In the summary, you've figured out why, but here is some details on problems that had came upon Georgina and Toby, and they will make you want to read the book: Facts about Georgina: When she thinks she is helping someone, she really isn't. It causes Georgina to get in trouble. Georgina is also self- centered, and forgets other people have feelings. It shows in the story. Finally, she doesn't know how to understand that you need to be thankful for what you have. Facts about Toby: He is a respectful, helpful boy in the story. But, Toby cries a lot. For everything! His dad, crazy old stuff, and Georgina. Toby always cries! During the story he brings comedy and joy to everyone, and he tries to do the right thing. But Georgina just won't let him( he is Georgina's little brother). Facts about the mother: The mother is a very stressed out person. When the father left, she had to get two jobs and barely see the kids. Every two days, the mom goes to park the car in a new parking lot, because she doesn't want anyone to be suspicious( if you forgot, the family lives in a car). She is protective and will do anything to make her children's lives better. Facts about Carmella: Carmella is a very sensitive woman. She is the one who got her dog stolen. Carmella is mostly sad in the story. In the book, Carmella is struggling financially. But, she brings delight and hope into the story. Read the book to understand more on Carmella. Willy 1. Smart
2. Energetic
4. Male Facts about Willy: There isn't much to say about Willy besides that he is a cooperative, smart dog that got stolen Facts about Mookie: Mookie is a extremely intelligent man who is always happy and enthusiastic. He does so many good things and expects nothing in return. Although he has no home like the Hayes family, Mookie knows how to enjoy life. Problem: Georgina and her family lost their house. Solution: You must read the book. Problem: The kids don't know where to hide a stolen dog. Solution: You must read the book. Problem: Carmella doesn't have the money to put up a reward sign. Solution: You must read the book. Facts about the author Barbara O' Connor lives in Duxbury, Massachusetts. She was born on November 9, 1958. Barbara has a husband and one son, two dogs, and a cat. She enjoys writing biographies and researching. Some of her books. Conclusion To conclude, How to steal a dog is a great book on passion to get a house, and feel normal again. Georgina may know what she can do to get a house, but defiantly doesn't know the trouble she is causing. Don't forget that Toby and Willy are super funny. How to steal a dog is a four-star story overall. The book was released April 28, 2009. It can be found in book stores and libraries everywhere. Get reading! Website: http://www.barbaraoconnor.com/index.html Barbara O' Connor The genre is realistic fiction Genre:
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