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Life style & ocular health

Occupational & environmental optometry course

Ghaydaa Shaqour

on 3 March 2014

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Transcript of Life style & ocular health

Systemic diseases
Environmental pollution
Increase in
goblet-cell hyperplasia
( mucosal surfaces response)in conjanctiva when chronically exposed to air pollution

Tear film abnormalities ,instability and subclinical changes of the ocular surface
Genetic mutation
The most commonly described ocular findings in
Down syndrome
are the following:
Upward slanting of the palpebral fissure, epiblepharon, refractive error, squent,
nystagmus, nasolacrimal duct bstruction, blepharoconjunctivitis, retinal abnormalities, cataract, glaucoma, iris Brushfield spots (aggregation of connective tissue), and keratoconus
Enhance free- oxygen radicals (the chemical products in the body that can damage cells) and lead to
nuclear cataract

Squamous cells metaplasia
in the conjunctiva surface epithelial layer by inflammation associated with
irritative and toxic agents and the absence of circulating factors required
for epithelial differentiatiotion

Chronic instability in the tear film layer increases ocular irritation , and this may be responsible for the
of the conjunctival epithelium
Life style & ocular health
An-najah National University
Optometry Collage
Environmental and occupational optometry course
Prepared by: Ghayda'a Shaqour
Supervisor: Ms. Dianeh Rabi

Cold Weather Causes Dry Eye? (2011). REVIEW OF OPTOMETRY.

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Diabetes mellitus

Affects the corneal nerves which causes a hyposecretory response from the lachrymal gland and couse dryness
Autoimmune disease, in which the lachrymal gland is attacked by lymphocytes and gradually loses its function and then couse dryness
Rheumatoid arthritis
Cold weather lead to meibomian gland dysfuncfion may well cause dry eye disease

Meibomian lipid films solidified & shrank

Left a large portion of the air-water interface uncovered with lipid molecules

Dry eye

Dynamic exercise are associated with reductions in IOP

The magnitude of reduction in IOP has been found to be related to the intensity of exercise.

Reduction in AXL accompanying the reduced IOP following a short period of dynamic exercise

Males between 25 and 34 years of age are under higher risk of exposure to work-related eye injary
Computer use
Working hours per day and age were significant risk factors for reporting an increase in ocular symptoms

Many hours in front of the computer and oculomotor anomalies are often mentioned as factors influencing
eye discomfort

Discrepancies between accommodative and vergence
stimuli from the retinal image have e.g. been attributed
as causing
work-related visual fatigue

(latent squint) is also associated with musculoskeletal pain and discomfort

A deficiency in visual function may result in
headaches and ocular symptoms
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