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!Canadian red cross!

No description

dharti patel

on 26 October 2012

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Transcript of !Canadian red cross!

!Canadian red cross! !Interesting facts! !What they do! !The purpose of Canadian red cross! !Canadian participation! !Other info! pictures -recent things have been happening from red cross.
-in the text it says "in 1965, they started to do red cross.
-Henry Dunant was the person who started the red cross because he wanted to help people and he wanted them to be healthy!
-when people lost their houses the red cross was there for them.
-when Haiti had their hurricanes the red cross was there to help them out / to survive.
-the red cross on the flag is for international humanity.
-canadian red cross helps a lot of people. -red cross is helping people who needs help like people who lost there house because of earthquakes ,floods and others.
-the red cross saved a lot of people and have brought them together
-red cross has helped people by giving people foods , blankets and some houses.
-the principal always help people weather they are different cultures ,race , beliefs and religions.
-they save peoples lives!
-they help out for what they believe in!
-they finish there goals!
-there a great team! -the canadian red cross is trying to help people that are in need.
-the canadian red cross wants people to be healthier and safer.
- one purpose is to make a lot of money and to be a caring as a good company.
-another purpose is to help others that need it. -the Canadian particapations can be anyone but they have to be responcible enough to join becaus if you are not responcible enough then you can not be the one to save a persons life espeshaly when they can't save there self's!
-in the text it says ``there are over 185 countries that have a national red cross or red crescent society.
-the people that paticapate are people that can work hard and help out as in there best effort.
-our all Canadaian particapations people are responcible and can do all this hard work that these people do already these days! -it's a volintary relife movement not promoted in any manner.
-the canadian red cross people have spacific rules!
-the red cross have saved alot of lives and have brought people together!
-a lot of the red cross members have been added to the red cross group of fantastic help they have givin us and the people around us!
-there rules are very strict is what i have heard on the website that we searched on, We have searched on a lot.
-they are AWESOME for helping a lot!
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