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Verb Patterns

No description

Karina Fernandes

on 26 March 2013

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Transcript of Verb Patterns

Verb Patterns When two verbs go together
(v + v),
two things might happen:
Infinitive or –ing?
Infinitive & –ing? I wouldn’t risk letting my boyfriend throw a party without me.

I stopped to see the parade go by.

I regret having told you that I would love to go to the party.

My parents used to make me dress as a princess. verb + verb ‘to’
infinitive only Verb + ‘to’ Infinitive Verb + object
+ ‘to’ Infinitive Verb + (object)
+ ‘to’ Infinitive I want to go to the cinema.
I want you to do your homework. Examples:
I aim to please.
I managed to beat him at poker. Infinitive or –ing form? Examples:
She wants me to go to the party.
I chose you to help me out. Examples:
My parents taught me to respect other people.
They allowed her to have the afternoon off. verb + verb
‘ing’ only More Examples:
I never waste time
ironing my clothes.
My family always avoids
talking to me. I enjoy studying English.
I dread my friends finding out about my secret. verb + verb ‘bare’ infinitive [without ‘to’] Let me help you (to) do the exercise.
When I was a kid, they made me wear a uniform. Active Voice But: I was made to wear a uniform. [Passive Voice] Infinitive & –ing form? verb + verb ‘to’ infinitive or ‘ing’ without change in meaning I began / started / continued to study / studying French.
They didn’t bother to talk / talking to the boss. Regret
I regret having (had) my tongue pierced.
I regret to inform you that you failed the exam. Remember
/ Forget Mean
Buying this house
means paying a high mortgage.
Do you mean to get married? Love / Like / Hate
I hate paying bills.
I like to pay my
bills on the
deadline. Try
Try studying.
Try and study.
Try to study. Stop
I stopped smoking.
I stopped to smoke. verb + verb ‘to’ infinitive or ‘ing’ with change in meaning I remember going to Rio at Carnival.
I remembered to buy a souvenir there. I’ll never forget talking to her every evening.
I forgot to send her a birthday post on Facebook. Special Cases Prefer
I prefer chocolate to coffee.
She seems to prefer watching soap operas to talking to me.
I would prefer to see a movie rather than stay/staying at home. [prefer = would rather]
I would rather watch a video than go to the cinema. Hear / See / Watch

We watched all the cars cross the finishing line.
I heard someone coming up the stairs. Used to
I used to go to clubs.
Past Habits = used to + verb ‘to’ infinitive But:
I am / got used to driving long distances.
Present Habits = get / be + used to + -ing form Dare
Dare can be used without to when there is no object. Compare:
They dared him to jump.
I didn't dare (to) say anything.
How dare you speak like that to me!
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