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Walk the Lake 2012

Meet the Teacher

Tiffany Troxclair

on 22 August 2013

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Transcript of Walk the Lake 2012

Contact Information
What can you find on my edline?
What is this?
District, School, Class Website
Why should I use edline?
Studies show student success improves with parent involvement
Edline gives you a way to get involved
What can I find on edline?
What is it?
Your access to student grades
How often are grades updated?
I will enter grades within 3 days unless a project
Can I get alerts when a grade is missing?
Parent Portal
Contact Information
What can you find on my edline?
Contact Information
Contact Information
What can you find on my edline?
Some of the ways Edline can help you be involved in your child’s education follow:

Review your children's personalized Combined Calendar to view all of their tests, assignments, athletic events, club meetings, and other school news and functions in a single calendar.
Print permission slips, student forms, and other required paperwork.
Preview lunch menus, be notified of school closings, and be alerted of any other school news
important to you.
Make your children’s education an important part of family life. Learn about your children’s daily classroom activities from their teachers’ web pages so you can discuss them and participate in their projects.
Help your children study by accessing the teacher's interactive classroom study guides, and online discussions.
Access all your children’s information by combining accounts and signing in only once using a
single screen name and password.
Have peace of mind knowing all school data is password protected and available only to your child and you.
Mrs. Troxclair
Edline & Parent Portal
If you click on the name it will open/download the assignment or notes if available.
Contact Information
What can you find on my edline?
“Good teaching is more a giving of right questions than a giving of right answers.” -Joseph Albers
Mrs. Troxclair's
Texas History Class

Teaching was not my first career. I was not happy with the experience my children were getting. I decided to do something about it.
Why I Teach
I believe all students have the ability to learn. The only difference is “how” they learn. I also believe at some point a student must begin to take responsibility for their learning to be successful. I can give them the answers, but they will be more successful if I ask them questions that engage them rather than just give them answers to memorize.
My Teaching Philosophy
Depth of understanding, depth of questioning, depth in how students apply what they’ve learned, and depth in the process and product related to their learning is really what we’re talking about.
"Rigor in education does not necessarily mean more and it most definitely does not mean more of the same thing. However, when you look at the definition of rigor -harsh, inflexibilty in opinion, temper or judgement or a condition that makes life difficult, challenging or uncomfortable- it makes sense that this is how we’ve been viewing rigor in education." from Edublogs


Cell Phone
Twitter and Facebook
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