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The Perseverance of Anne Frank.

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Rachael Howard

on 18 December 2013

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Transcript of The Perseverance of Anne Frank.

The Perseverance of Anne Frank.
Anne Frank had to preserver through life as a Jewish child. Some troubles were that the Frank's and all Jews could not voice their opinion, the Frank's were getting no money because all the jobs were taken away from Jews.
Anne had to show perseverance because she had to hide in the Annex for two years. This was hard because Anne wasn't fully matured and had no idea what was going on at first. Anne and her family were sent to concentration camps and Anne had to fight through these though times. Even though she did have family, she didn't have much.
Anne had to persevere through the Holocaust. Everyday Anne's life was in danger. Anne's family was very poor because of her father losing his job.
Anne Frank is important to the world because she showed non-jews what it was like living during the Holocaust as a Jew. Anne Frank has shown perseverance by hiding from the Nazis, by not giving up in life because of her nationality, and living through the Holocaust.
We chose the Star of David because Jewish people had to wear this on their clothes, to show that they were a Jew.
public symbol
Public symbol
We chose this symbol because when Anne was hiding they had to be very quiet so they didn't get caught.
We chose the swastika because this is the Nazis symbol. they wore this on their uniforms to show that they were a Nazis.
Public Symbol
Anne Frank persevered because she kept most of her life struggles a secret. She fought through her life because she was Jewish, and she lived during the Holocaust. If Anne didn't preserver she wouldn't have lived as long as she did.
Perseverance is important because it pushes people to do things they never thought they could.
By Rachael Howard and Finley Travis
Thank you!!!!
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