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An Introduction to Archetypes

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Hollace Brayer

on 25 August 2016

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Transcript of An Introduction to Archetypes

An Introduction to Archetypes
An archetype is, "a universal and recurring image, pattern, or motif representing a typical human experience" (Carl Jung).
appear simple, but are extremely complex.
reveal themselves through symbols, motifs, and characters.
are commonly understood within a social group.
Archetypes and You
In today's world, brands find ways to tap into universal ideas to make consumers feel connected to their products.
The Trickster
The Hero
The Innocent
Your turn:
Match the image/brand with the archetype.
Record three traits that you associate with the archetype based on your understanding of the product.
Be prepared to explain and justify your answers.
the creator
the mother/nurturer
the wise sage/teacher
the explorer
the lover
the monster
Now that you have the idea, let's consider archetypes in more detail.
The Hero
Types of Heroic Journeys:
search for the promised land
quest for vengeance
warrior's journey to save his or her people
search for love
tragic quest: penance
quest to rid the land of danger
grail quest (search for human perfection
Byronic/Gothic Hero
fatal flaw
has great appeal
Classic Epic Hero
Heroic Archetypes:
dragon slayer
Female Archetypes
The Mother/Mother Earth
The Temptress:
Leads hero off course and to danger
Damsel in Distress:
Needs to be rescued
Female Hero
AKA Princess Hero
unhappy with current life
The Bad Guys
The Monster:
Threaten individual or society
The Villain:
hero's opponent
source of problems in the plot
represents things we do not like and would like to eliminate
The Rebel:
goal is to break rules and conventions
The Helpers
The Wise Sage or Teacher
Loyal Friend or Sidekick
Authors draw on archetypal characters to create a system of complicated plots and conflicts. Let's see if you recognize any of these.
Your turn!
In your notebook, create one page that illustrates what you have learned about archetypes today. Use as many images as possible. Your "onepager" should be both detailed and accurate and should include both words and images. Have fun!

Other common archetypes
• The clown/fool
• The common man/woman
• The Ruler
• The Magician
• The Scapegoat
• Kind monster

How does this short film rely on archetypes to tell the story?
The Hero's Journey
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