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Role Play to Explore

No description

paulette alcox

on 12 February 2014

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Transcript of Role Play to Explore

Form a group of three
Role Play to Explore
Critical Coaching Conversations

Explain the scenario that you would like to practice and provide any necessary background information.
You might ask the teacher/ administrator to respond in a certain way- cautious, resistant, overly helpful, confused...
Keep in mind the focus you agreed on.
For the first role play session, select a role:
What is the challenging piece that has you hesitating, or concerned?
What might be next steps?
What do you want to have feedback about?
Role Play the conversation for 5-8 minutes
Observer feedback
Coach determines the first scenario
Set up the role of your respondant
Each person should consider a critical conversation that they are anticipating.
It might be a common coaching situation that you don't feel you have settled on your best approach.
It might be as simple as thinking about an issue that needs to be resolved and the conversation that will get the resolution started.
teacher/ administrator
What would you like the observer to focus on? (your questioning , your non-verbal communication, your messaging)
How much did I talk, (relative to how much I listened?)
Did I provide wait time if I asked a question?
What kind of questions did I ask?
What stance(s) did I take? (confrontational, informative, catalytic, prescriptive, supportive...)
Questions to consider...
Share specific examples or quotes if you can.
Does this clarify my planned response?
What else do I need to know before proceeding?
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