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Team 4 Bridge Design

No description

Darin Gray

on 20 July 2015

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Transcript of Team 4 Bridge Design

Team 4 Bridge Design
How we contributed
Austin-Made the 3D design of the bridge, programed the car, built the car, helped construct the bridge.

Jonathan-Experimented with car parts, helped to prepare the Bridge parts, worked on the Prezi

Sena- Construct the bridge, built the model for another team

Roberto- Construct the bridge, built the model for another team

Ryan-Built the car, tested the car on the bridge, helped to construct the bridge.

Principles We Used.
we used:
Mechanical Engineering
Civil Engineering
Transportation Engineering
The Lessons We Learned.
How to work within certain limitations and parameters
How to build and program a hex robot
How to apply physics to create a stable bridge
One should use all the resources given to them
The Process.
Separated into two teams, the car team and the bridge team
Each team worked separately
When one team finished they provided extra labor for the other team
Team car finished first and proceeded to help team bridge by building a separate section of the bridge
Brainstorm and test 2d models of various bridges to determine best model
Construct 3d version of final bridge model to create a guide to follow when building
Construct rough car design to obtain dimensions for the bridge
Transform both bridge and car design into reality by separating workload into sections
Success and Obstacles
divide and conquer technique
use of resources
The car continuously developed several hiccups in succession a few of which were not man made
How Would We Do This Differently.
count up all our materials and to figure out how many we could use for each section
more planning could allow us to recycle some of our materials and improve our bridge
How Could We Improve.
more organized work space
should have added perpendicular support beams and reinforced the floor more
should have used all our materials

Record of Test
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