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Jennifer government

No description

Matt Han

on 11 March 2014

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Transcript of Jennifer government

Jennifer Government
Let explore some of the themes in Jennifer Government!
Jennifer Government by Max Barry is a novel that
sets in the future where the world is ruled by the corporates instead of government
-page 259-
kate mention how the school taught her that there are good companies and bad companies.

The principles of a free market economy have actually proven to be very beneficial to society; Capitalism has promoted massive social, technological, and economic change, and despite a
rise in communism's popularity, capitalism is still here today. The main reason for this is because it works.
1.) Do you think there are such things as good companies and bad compane
Globalization, greed and power, branding and lacking of individual identity.

2.) Why do you think buy find all companies somewhat greedy? Do you think the companies in nowadays are greedy?

-Page 270-
Violet goes to government office and retrieve private information about Jennifer.
“Some people took care to not let their personal details leak onto the net, but not Government people: they didn’t believe in that privacy.”

3.) Is our society nowadays like that where the government have all our private information?

4.) Do you think government should be allowed to have all our private information?

-page 227-
•“Then the Nike poster on the freeway that used to say: I CAN SHOOT THE MOON; now it said: I CAN SHOOT 14 KIDS. Beneath it was the line: NIKE KILLS ITS CUSTOMERS.”

•“He passed medical insurer that now boasted: WE CARE ABOUT YOUR WALLET.”

•Coke told people to ENJOY STOMACH CANCER.

•A tire advertised 25% MORE CARBON MONOXIDE, and CARS = DEATH!

7.) Does the claims made on these billboard applicable to our society at the present time?
Do you agree with the proclaims made on these billboards? Why or why not?

5.) Hack in the second half of the book changes. What is the characteristics of the new Hack? What are the circumstances that caused him to have a change in his character?

6.) Hack, Claire, and other people in their group started protesting. (Graffiti of billboard, invading McDonald etc...) What was their purpose of protesting? What message were they trying to send?

-page 243-
•“Macdonald’s rapes the environment! It pillages Third World countries for their natural resources to serve us greasy, unhealthy food! McDonald’s is a member of US Alliance, which killed people in London! It invades our neighborhoods and forces out small business! It advertises to children!”

•“Baby killers!” Thomas yelled…

8.) Does the claim made reflect how McDonald is in our current society?
Do you think McDonald should be banned?

-page 230-
In the meeting John Nike was voted whether he should be kicked out from US alliance or not. Then he makes an influential speech to convince people from US alliance to not vote him out. He argues that:
“Yes, some people died. But let’s not pretend these are the first people to die in the interests of commerce. Let’s not pretend there’s a company in this room that hasn’t had to put profit above human life at some point. We make cars we know some people will die in. We make medicine that carries a chance of a fatal reaction. We make guns. I mean, you want to expel someone for murder, let’s start with the Philip Morries Liaison. We have all, at some point, put a price tag on human life and decided we can afford it. No one in this room has the right to sit here and pretend my actions came out of the blue.”

9.) Is this proclaim made true in our society nowadays?
Do companies in our society put profit above human life? If yes examples?

Then he goes further stating…

“...Maybe some of you have forgotten what companies really do. So let me remind you: they make as much money as possible. If they don’t, investors go elsewhere… We’re all cogs in wealth-creation machines…”

10.) Is it true? Are companies nowadays “cogs in wealth-creation machines”?

“I’ve given you a world without Government interference. There is now no advertising campaign, no intercompany deal, no promotion, no action you can’t take…”

11.) Do you agree with John Nike and think that world without government would be better in our society?

-page 296
when Hack Nike and Claire were trying to sabotage Nike’s company’s reputation by stating things like ‘Nike kills children’ and throw blood onto the wall. Instead of the customers panicking and running out the store, they just stood there and even thought this was some kind of ‘promotion’.

12.) What does this scene imply? How does it relate to the theme?

-page 310-
John Nike said ‘Without the Government, we can eliminate Team Advantage. Without Team Advantage, we have no competition. That’s worth a little conflict. This is all just aggressive competition within a free market.’

13.)What does John trying to achieve? How is this bad for the society and the world of free market?

14.) How is the theme of freedom explored? Is freedom dangerous? How? Examples?

15.) Do you like the idea of globalization and having either team Advantage or US Alliance controlling the entire market? Will that be better? Will that decrease competition making the society peaceful? Why, why not?

16.) How did the author compare the society nowadays with the society in the future? What are the similarities and differences?

17.) Why do you think Jennifer Government decide to take Haley McDonald’’s case, knowing that she would not get paid? Do you think there are relationships with ethos, pathos or logos?

18.) why does Buy feel guilty for Hayley’s death?

19.) How did the story go on afterward? Was it the same pattern as the first half?

20.) If the story were to continue, will the globalization,become more radical? Less? Or steady? Why?

21.) How do you predict our future of globalization and our identity would be like? Similiar or diverse?

This book is very similar to George Owell’s book 1984 because both book talks about the two different extreme types of government. 1984 talks about intense totalitarianism and jennifer government talks about intense libertarianism.

21.) Do you think that the freedom of the people in jennifer government could be considered as true liberty?

22.) Would you rather live in the society described in 1984 or jennifer government? Why?

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