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Photoshop Prezi #1

No description

Gabriella Tagliapietra

on 15 January 2013

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Transcript of Photoshop Prezi #1

By Gabriella Tagliapietra Photoshop Flower Shadows Created an interesting background and images by copying my name Name Brand Stretched the pixels of 3 pictures
Filled the background
Added a Pattern overlay to the background Pixel Stretch Added a gradient
Added Pictures
Added custom shapes
Added a feather to a picture Paddle Boarding Added gradient
Added rainbow After Before Birthday Card Filled the background
Added pictures
Applied layer styles (drop shadows) Tropical Shadows Filled the background
Added pictures
Applied layer styles ( drop shadows) Download Button Filled background
Created a cool download button using shapes and layer styles Before After Mountain Range Pasted a mountain into the background and reflected it into the water Pretty Puppy Before After Created a layer mask and blended the flower into the puppy picture White Teeth Before After Selected the teeth and changed the color very slightly to a whiter shade Red eye Baby Before After
I used the red eye tool to remove the red from the baby's eyes Freckles Disappearing Wrinkles Vibrant Flower Before After I used the healing brush tool to slightly reduce the amount of freckles on the boys face Before After I used the patch tool to remove spots of wrinkles and then lowered the opacity to make it look more realistic After Before I painted away the background and turned it to gray scale with the brush tool
I went back and enhanced Superwomen Polaroid Before After Selected 5 different areas and gave them each a different border and drop shadow to create a layered Polaroid look
Created a Ocean Ripple affect on the background layer Puzzled Picture Put a puzzle patten overlay over my photo
Cut selected puzzle pieces out and pasted them back on a new layer
tilted and added a drop shadow to the pieces Before After Kaleidoscope Image After Before Before Rotated the stone and flower pictures
Used 2 downloaded brushes
Created a green gradient on the background
Added a drop shadow to the flower and stones
Changed the stones from normal to difference Flower Extension Before After Selected the top part of the front most flower and copied it to a new layer
selected the part behind my selection and deleted it
Added a green stroke around the border
Edited the canvas size
Added a drop shadow to the picture Homecoming Extension Before After Selected the people
Deleted part of the background selection
Added a stroke and drop shadow
Filled the background a green color Shadows Before After Added me and Tommie into the background and added a curve
Created our shadow and made its opacity 25% and changed the hue saturation Homecoming Vinette Before After Put a flower shape around me and my parents
made it a selection and inversed
filled it with black then added a gaussian blur Note To Photo Before After Added to the canvas size
Added a stroke
Added a square and applied layer styles to it
Also added a crinkled pattern overlay to the square
Added a paper clip and add layer styles to it
Added splatter and boot print downloaded brushes Packer Blend Before After Blended the two photos
added a stroke and a post it note
Applied layer styles Bulb Aquarium Before After Taco Text Before After I used a lot of masking, blending, and filters to create a fish tank in a light bulb Applied the taco dip picture to the word taco dip by using a clipping mask
I added a drop shadow and stroke to the text
Added a filter to the chips
I increased the canvas size and filled it green Around and Around Before After Applied the twirl filter
Created a path
Added the text around and around Android Phone I Used shapes and layer styles to make an android phone in Photoshop Rose Depth After Before Added a stroke
Added a blur so it turned attention to the rose i love her so much she is my best friend in the world Minnie Moving Mouse Basket Weave I selected the vertical and horizontal strips and deleted them
I also added layer styles to the strips Before After Photo Strip Made and a swirly outline
Inserted Pictures and warped them to fit the outline
Added shadows
Added a gradient to the background
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