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No description

Andrea Chim

on 23 February 2015

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Transcript of Unemployment

Looking Beyond the Unemployment Rate
The unemployment rate fell
So why are investors concerned about the labor market?
Unemployment Rate: How is it Measure?
The number of people without work but who are available for work
Total number of people in workforce
Unemployment Rate: Nov.- Dec 2014
Decreased 0.2%
Why the Decrease?
1. Employment increased
What has investors worrying
Unemployment: What is it?
BLS defines unemployed as,
"People are classified as unemployed if they do not have a job, have actively looked for work in the prior 4 weeks, and are currently available for work."
High unemployment rate
Less 'quality jobs'
Good Increases
Negative Increases
So what do the experts think?
Top 10 Job Fields Expected to Increase
Nurse Practitioner
Software Developer
Dental Hygienist
Physical Therapist
Computer Systems Analyst
Information Security Analyst
Registered Nurse
Physician Assistant
What will it look like in 2016
Estimated Income for the next 5 years
Economic Projections
By 2020 there will have been 20.5 million increase in employment since 2010.
Employment in 2020
What about in 2020?
Some believe we will repeat history
Most believe we wont, and instead will slowly become stronger.
"... we are heading into an economic depression that should last until about the year 2020." -Professor W. Thompson of Indiana University
"The outlook for U.S. growth is getting more positive, now that Congress is no longer threatening government shutdowns and debt defaults. "
By: Andrea Chim Lydia Beaudoin Devon Smith
What's Next for Jobs?
According to USA Today, the already strengthening labor market since 2012 is expected to only rise from here. 36% of employers in the U.S. plan to increase their full time staff
2015 Outlook
Bonuses and salaries expected to increase
Higher competition for talent
74 percent of executives planning to expand their businesses with 71 percent saying they'll increase staff salaries
Job market hiring jumped up 16% for recent college grads

A 111,000 Increase
Why the Decrease?
2. Unemployment Decreased
Economic Indicators
Number of Employed
Number of Unemployed
U-6: Household Data
Part-Time Workers for Economic Reasons
Average Hourly Earnings
Average Weekly Hours
Number of Discouraged Workers
A 383,000 Decrease
Why the Decrease?
3. U-6 Decrease
Employment Situation Summary
Table A. Household Data
Counts the number of residents with a job
Employment Situation Summary
Table B. Establishment Data
Estimates the total number of jobs
Steady Decrease from Sept. - Dec 2014
Why the Decrease?
4. Part-Time Workers for Economic Reasons
A 61,000 Decrease
Why the Decrease?
5. Average Hourly Earnings
6. Average Weekly Hours
A $0.05 Decrease
No change
Why the Decrease?
6. Discouraged Workers
How BLS defines discouraged workers:
"Persons not in labor force who want and are available for a job but who are not currently looking for work because they believe there are no jobs available or there are none for which they would qualify"
A 42,000 Increase
A 456,000 Increase
Jobs added: 252,000
Average Weekly Hours: 34.60
Average Weekly Earnings: increase by 0.2%
Number of discouraged workers: 5%
Number of Part-Time workers: 6.8 million
U-6 Unemployment rate: 11.2%
Many writers for Wall Street Journal and other similar economic magazines are all speaking very highly on the employment rate for the upcoming months in 2015. The unemployment rate dropped 0.2%, along with adding 252,000 new full-time jobs. Many experts are predicting a rise for the next 12 months.
Projected Increases of Jobs for 2016
Health Services increase by 18.8%
Education Services increase by 10.7%
Business Services and Management increase by 23.3%
Job outlook for 2020
Computer Occupations
Health Diagnosing& Treating Practitioners
Management Occupations
Financial Specialists
Business Operations Specialists
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