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The power of Pardot FINAL

Presentation given to PMs and CMs in July 2014

on 18 July 2014

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Transcript of The power of Pardot FINAL

Most emails are never opened!
Junk folders are rarely checked, emails that are marked as spam are not even received
- Don't use spammy words like "free" and spe"cialis"es or include !!!!!! for emphasis in your subject line!!!!!!!!

Email is a personal form of communication, remember that!

Subject line and sender name
- People are more likely to open an email from a person rather than a brand
- People are more likely to open an email from a woman rather than a man
- Natural, honest, less than 50 characters
- Relevant, intriguing, use questions?
Where do people look on your email?
Increase interaction
You do not need to include so much content, less is more!

Every email needs to have a purpose, what would you like the recipient to do? What is in it for them?

Get your customers clicking on links, taking them to your website or landing pages where sign ups and purchases can happen

Use Pardot tracking on your website, people don't want to be sold to but love to buy.
Email best practices
Two things can be achieved on an email that has been opened.

- recipients can read
- recipients can click

Emails are far more restrictive than web pages.

Compelling calls to action (CTA) buttons, text and sub headings.
Marketing Sherpa* Research

You have between 15-20 seconds on average per email that is opened.

In 20 seconds the average person will read 40 - 60 words

Most people will leave a web page in the first 10 seconds, those that stay on a webpage for more than 30 seconds are likely to stay on the page for over two minutes (an eternity for the web!) Nielsen Norman Group - UX training and research
Top left is vital and often the only place your customer will look!
Images are blocked so even the ones in the top left are not looked at.

Sub headings are important!

As shown in example three, more sub headings can lead to higher levels of content consumption.
ERM - BB501
Sent 5816
CTR 5.09%
Sent 6566
CTR 1.70%
Pharma Newsletter
Sent 6973
CTR 2.03%
Industrials Newsletter
Sent 5739
CTR 6.82%
Continue 'one-off' campaigns
New process, checklist
Embracing best practice
The power of Pardot
What are we covering today?

Why email?
The move to inbound marketing
Email marketing best practice
Demo of Pardot functionality
Our plans
Inbound marketing focuses on creating relevant, quality content, presented at the right time, that 'pulls' people towards your products and company
Don't go looking in the jungle.....set up shop by the watering hole*
*Analogy courtesy of HubSpot
Inbound marketing - some stats
18% of marketers confirmed that developing quality content was their top priority in 2013
11% of marketers say their top challenge in 2013 is targeting content for an international audience
Inbound marketing delivers 54% more leads into the marketing funnel than traditional outbound leads
81% of companies report some level of integration between inbound marketing and larger marketing goals
38% of B2B companies completely integrate inbound compared to just 27% of B2C companies
Source: 2013 State of Inbound Marketing Report
Pardot plans - how you can help, and benefit
Drip campaigns

Let the customer's actions dictate the marketing messages they receive next

Build drips as welcome series/re-targeting/recapture/lead nurture etc.
Use emails to collect data!
Results can be used as feedback to target more specifically in the future

Personalisation should add relevance to your message

Track your email recipients' actions from the email onto the website

Retarget with automated emails depending on the actions that they have taken

If somebody clicks the "share" button at the bottom of the emails their Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn account details will then be stored in Pardot
*Marketing Sherpa is a research institute specializing in tracking what works in all aspects of marketing.
Let's show you Pardot
Why email?
Email is a key component of a good demand generation and retention strategy
It is a cost-effective form of communication
Our average attention span in the digital age is 8 seconds*
Email marketing has changed dramatically in the last few years, and continues to do so
Firing off un-targeted emails belongs to 2010
*Source: The Associated Press
Transition towards inbound approach
Content creation
Incorporate in your planning
Quick wins (eg existing forms)
Strategic (eg customer journey)
Save time, clearer roles, better results
less manual work, better targeting, improved results (and sales!)
Use Pardot to automate based on data collected
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