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Animal Farm Chapter 4

No description

Dustin Hunt

on 20 February 2014

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Transcript of Animal Farm Chapter 4

Animal Farm: Chapter 4

Summary (Cont.)
Snowball comforts Boxer, assuring him that humans are better off dead.
The stable hand was only stunned and ran off.
The animals regroup and celebrate their victory.
A funeral is held for the sheep that was killed - Snowball tells the animals that they should be ready to die to protect the farm.
The sheep received the award, “Animal Hero, Second Class” while Boxer and Snowball received “Animal Hero, First Class”.
Mr. Jones’ gun was set up at the flagstaff and was decided to be fired twice a year - once at the anniversary of the Rebellion, and once at the Battle of the Cowshed.
Dustin Hunt, Zach Blue, Pete Sheurpukdi, Nicole Svare
The news of rebellion on Animal Farm spreads; Beasts of England becomes well known among animals.
The other farmers sympathized, but did not offer much help - they wanted to take advantage of Mr. Jones' misfortune.
Mr. Pilkington and Mr. Frederick, neighboring farmers, are frightened of rebellion.
Fearing revolts, the farmers spread lies about how animal farm is a terrible place - It is in constant chaos and the animals practice cannibalism.
Meanwhile, Animal Farm prospers and thrives.
Jones and other farmers organize a raid to retake animal farm; the animals prepare for an attack.
Summary (Cont.)
With a gun and many sticks, the farmers began their raid.
Snowball commands the defense.
First, pigeons and geese provide a diversion, while sheep headbutted the men.
Next, the animals retreat and wait to counter-attack.
The farmers are then lured into an ambush. Snowball gets shot, but survives.
Boxer thinks he has killed a stable hand and cries out.
Historical Context
This chapter represents the anti- Communist Russian Civil War in 1918.
Snowball and Napoleon send pigeons to spread news of the rebellion - Communists spread propaganda to try to cause more rebellions.
The other farmers represent the capitalist west - they feared communist revolts in their own country.
The Foxwood farm (Western capitalists - U.S., France, U.K.) was enemies with Pinchfield farm (Germany under Hitler) - they would not work together against Animal Farm, yet in the end they both still fought against communism.
Foxwood and Pinchfield farms attempted to convince animals that Animal Farm was in a terrible state to prevent revolts - similar to what Western countries did.
Historical Context (Cont.)
The song, Beasts of England, spread quickly through other farms - The Internationale (Song used to spread communism).
The farmers organized their forces to retake Animal Farm - the Czar organized a force of loyalists to invade Russia in the Russian Civil War.
Boxer didn’t want to hurt anybody, but Snowball assures him that humans should be killed - the common Russian didn’t want to do any harm, but the Bolsheviks convinced them that loyalists should be killed.
Mollie, who was accustomed to living in luxury with the humans, hides during the attack- the bourgeois (middle class who didn't really care what happened as long as they could keep their luxuries).
Animal Farm is strengthened by the conflict with the humans- conflict between Russia and the Western countries reinforced the Russian powers.
Main Points
The animals attempt at spreading the news of the farm by pigeon is a reference to the rise and spread of communist literature and art, spreading the idea of Communism internationally (i.e., Trotsky's attempts to internationalize the spread of Communism).
The neighboring farms’ fear of the spread of this idea is what leads them to take action, i.e., raid the farm. This is a reference to the Western countries that took military action for fear that Communism would spread and take over non-Communist countries.
Though the animals enthusiastically join the fight for Animalism, most do not know the true meaning of their actions nor fully understand the meaning of Animalism, and are not prepared for the reality of war (Ex. When Boxer thinks he has killed a human, and is mortified and ashamed).
The other farms did not help Mr. Jones out of sympathy, it was only for the worry for their own countries and for self-gain.
The failed attack on the farm strengthens the pigs' power over the farm.
New Characters
Mr. Pilkington - An easygoing gentleman farmer who fishes and hunts whatever is in season. He runs the neighboring farm, Foxwood, and is enemies with Mr. Frederick. His farm is larger but not as tidy as Pinchfield. Mr. Pilkington represents the capitalist countries of the west: such as England, and the U.S.
Mr. Frederick - A stern farmer who gets into a lot of lawsuits. He runs the neighboring farm, Pinchfield. His farm is smaller but more well kept and productive than Foxwood. Mr. Frederick represents Adolf Hitler which will be shown why later in the book (enters alliance with Napoleon and then breaks the alliance).

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