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All The Lovely Bad Ones

No description

Karishma Kapur

on 8 November 2013

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Transcript of All The Lovely Bad Ones

All The Lovely Bad Ones
By: Mary Downing Hahn

Main Characters: Travis, Corey.
Subordinate Characters: Grandmother, Mrs. Brewster, Seth, Ira, Caleb, Mr. Brewster.
Antagonist: Miss Ada Jaggs
Protagonist(s): Travis & Corey
Plot Summary
Exposition: We meet Travis and Corey, and they are going to stay at the Fox Hill Inn.
Pages: 182
Point Value: 100 + 25 for presentation
Rising Action:
1. The Fox Hill Inn has a reputation of ghosts supposedly appearing and scaring the guests away.
2. Travis and Corey decide to pretend to act like the ghosts that have appeared previously.
3. Without knowing they end up waking up the ghost of the past, and this is where we meet Seth, Ira, and Caleb.
Climax: The "lovely bad ones" (Seth, Ira, and Caleb) are gone from the inn because Travis and Corey have completed the mission that Seth, Ira, and Caleb have asked them to do and the inn goes back to normal.
Plot Summary
Author: Mary Downing Hahn
All The Lovely Bad Ones
The setting of All The Lovely Bad Ones takes place at the Fox Hill Inn.
Suchi Kapur
Period 5

Falling Action:
1) Travis and Corey have to dig up Miss Ada's grave to find the real account book.
2) They have to go get Miss Ada back to sleep by making the bad ones happy & staying outside & letting the death come to her.
Resolution: The servant Martha is back because the ghosts are gone. The ghost are now happy because they get the headstones that they wanted and Miss Ada Jaggs was exorcised.
Plot Summary
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