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Filles du Roi


sam c

on 13 December 2012

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Transcript of Filles du Roi

Disadvantages and Advantages of The Lifestyle What Life Was There Life Like? The Filles du Roi life was boring and busy before marriage they would live in houses in dormitory and live there until they were married they would be taught skills to be a good wife and house hold chores. They would have men that wanted to marry them come there and talk to them and see them. After marriage they would be busy with getting used to the new place they would be living in (husbands home) and getting to know their husband. They planned on staying in New France because many of Filles du Roi went back to France after getting married. Who were the Filles du Roi? What Was Their Role? The Filles du Roi were supposed to help populate New France and increase the amount of woman and men. Also to become mothers and wives and to encourage the male immigrants to settle and promote marriage. www.winkipedia.org
Google Images By:Simrita Filles du Roi As New France developed more male immigrants were coming then female and most of the population of New France was male, which became a concern for Louis XIV and colonial advisers. They made a system that could make New France populate and there would be more woman. They did this by getting orphan girls from villages and cities and gave them items and money to come to New France and get married to the men there. About 800-1000 girls from ages 12-28 came to New France between 1634-1671. Interesting Facts Sources -Men marrying the Filles du Roi preferred girls from villages.
-Girls from that lived in the city before coming to New France were thought that they were lazy and light headed.
-In the year 1671 it is believed that is about 700 children were born that year.
-Some Filles du Roi got married about 4 times.
-Only 5 girls got into serious trouble and went to court for adultery, prostitution, and debauchery.
-They asked the men they might marry questions like "How many chickens and horses do you own" or "Do you have good health"
-After the wedding the couple was given an ox, a cow, two pigs, a pair of chickens, two barrels of salted meat and eleven crowns in money Some disadvantages for the Filles du Roi is that they were getting married to someone they didn't know at all and they probably didn't know anyone in New France because they were orphans and they didn't have any family. They'd also have to wait a few months to get married depending on age. Some advantages are that they were getting a fresh start and and a family, also they were getting valuable items and money just to go New France. What Challenges Did They Encounter? Some challenges the Filles du Roi encountered are not getting married or not finding a husband to their liking. Another one is learning to do house hold chores they've never done and learning new responsibility's, also trying to get used to the new place they're living. What Type Of People That Lived As Filles du Roi? Before the Filles du Roi became the Filles du Roi they were peasant girls that lived in orphanages, in the city, or village they had no family at all. Villages girls would work hard all day cleaning and doing house chores but the girls from the city were apparently "lazy". Filles du Roi Arriving France Comparing Old Life In France To Life In New Before they went to New France they lived in a poor orphanage and did chores and work and try to make money so they could get some thing for them selves, they were peasants so they didn't have much respect and valuable items in there possession. Before they went to New France the king had given them 100 livers, 10 for recruitment and 30 for clothing and 60 for crossing they were also given things that would make them presentable. In New France they to find a husband and meet in people also when they got married they would take on new and bigger responsibility's and they would be busy cleaning and helping their family. Where They Came From? They came from northwestern provinces of France, Paris and La Rochelle and Rouen areas mostly.
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