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Sigma Seminar

No description

Mercy Quaye

on 22 September 2012

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Transcript of Sigma Seminar

Super Sigma:
Sigma Balancing Act Homework School I Can't Be At The Event Sigma My Event is in a WEEK! Double Book
Double Trouble What Event? - Create a checklist
- Be in contact with your committee and chapter
- Consult with your co-chair
- Check reservations
- Advertise HARDER
- Don't bite off more than you can chew
- Delegate

- Expect mishaps
- Have a plan B With One Week Left... SO YOU FORGOT? How to not be that Soror - Events don't come out of no where, read your emails regularly

- Go to Chapter

- Stay in contact with your Sorors

- Talk to your grad chapter adviser

- Chair an event.

- Keep a planner How To Avoid Double Booking Whether you booked an event the same night as your
sister chapter or as another org... Avoiding - Send your calendar out to your sister chapters as soon as it's done

- Request other chapter's calendars as soon as they're done

- Plan for the year, not the semester

- Advertise early

- Invite your sister chapter, other orgs etc. Trouble Shooting - If you learn early enough, discuss and compromise

- Downsize

- Postpone Sorry soror....I can't make it If you can't make it to the event... - Let your chapter know as you as you can

- Help plan the event

- Help advertise

- Make the next one Class - Do it early

- Stay ahead of your work

- Check your syllabus regularly

- Plan ahead Stay on Top of Your Homework Plan around your class schedule You're in this sorority because you're in school

School came first, and should stay that way

If you're all Sigma and no School, and your GPA Drops - All School, No Sigma Work Provide your job with an accurate availability Plan sorority events around your job schedule Give yourself time for unexpected mishaps Me Time If you burn out you're no good to anyone

No your limits

Ask for help

Let your sorors know what's going on

Take a day off Discussion
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