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Flame Test Lab

Flame Test Lab

Kristin Bruner

on 18 February 2011

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Transcript of Flame Test Lab

Flame Test Lab If we remember back, electrons can be found in energy rings When a substance is heated in a flame, the substance's valence electrons absorb energy The energy that is absorbed, allows the valence electron to get excited Electrons sit happily in their energy ring waiting for something to happen Kind of like how too much sugar makes little kids (Tashrima) really hyper Electrons can stay in the excited state only so long before they want to get back to their happy/boring/ground state When the electron drops back down to its ground state, they release a photon (particle of light/energy) The energy released is equal to the difference in energy between the excited state and the ground state The energy released determines the color of the light observed in the flame Because each element has a unique electron configuration, the color of light emited will be unique for each element For the lab:
1. Safety
2. Elements
3. Procedure
4. Data
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