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PhD Scholarship Desk: Basic Health Insurance

For PhD Scholarship students, UG or UMCG

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Transcript of PhD Scholarship Desk: Basic Health Insurance

PhD Scholarship Desk
Dear PhD scholarship student,

This Prezi is to inform you about the health insurance you would need to buy, while living here in the Netherlands.

First, let's start with some useful background information, for your understanding:

A national experiment
On 1 September 2016, the University of Groningen has started with the PhD Scholarship Programme. This programme is issued by the Dutch Ministry of Education, Culture, and Science (OCW) within the framework of the national PhD Scholarship Programme Experiment.

The amount per month
You, as a selected PhD scholarship student, will receive this scholarship of approximately net €1700 per month. Or you will receive a scholarship from your home country, complemented with this PhD scholarship, up until the same amount of approximately net € 1700 per month. The scholarship is paid by the UG or by the UMCG.

Taxes and social security
The UG/UMCG has to withhold taxes and social security premiums from the gross amount of your scholarship. That explains the difference between the gross amount, as mentioned in the contract, and the net amount you receive on your Dutch bank (IBAN) account.

These tax and social security premiums are automatically paid to the Dutch government.
Because of this, you are participating in the Dutch social welfare system. That leads to the following paragraph.

Health insurance
The Dutch healthcare system is one of the most expensive systems in the world. From the taxes, the Dutch government takes from all of us; this is how the system is partly financed.
The other part is financed through the personal health care insurance. Because of this system, it is required by law that you have a so called 'basic healthcare insurance" from a Dutch insurance company.

PhD Scholarship Desk
Health insurance and social welfare
The Dutch health insurance system is a combination of private health plans with social conditions built on the principles of solidarity, efficiency and value for the patient.

As a rule, you (like every PhD scholarship student or employee) must have a Dutch "basic health insurance." Also, if you are already insured for healthcare in your homeland. Why? Because this is the required way to take part in the Dutch social welfare system.
By the way, this is different for international (bachelor or master students). International Bachelor or Master students could have an AON (ICS) Student Insurance or IPS from Studensinsured, because their scholarship is
from the UG or UMCG. They don't pay taxes here and are not participating in the Dutch social welfare system, contrary to you.
So you should not compare your self with them, regarding this aspect!

Where to buy this?
The UG and the UMCG have a contract with one of the Dutch insurance companies, named Menzis. Because of this contract you will have a discount of 8% on the monthly premium.
See the FAQ section for information about alternative companies.

How to apply?
In the email, from where you came to this Prezi, you will find attached their English application form. If not, please email:

When to apply?
After you have arrived in the Netherlands you can apply. You need to fill out your (future) home address in Groningen. It needs to be your own accommodation, enabled to receive post mail (from e.g. Menzis).

Important note:
It is quite a challenge to understand this all, so please be patient and take your time to read the form, our explanation and especially the explanation at the last two slides (the FAQ).

1 =

Initial(s) is/are the first letter(s) of your first name(s).
> Surname = as it is in your passport - your family name.

2 =
our home address in Groningen, see the FAQ!
> If applicable, write down your room number too.

3 =

Postal code: the 4 numbers + the 2 letters
> City: Groningen, I suppose.

4 =

You may ignore this, if you don't have a (Dutch) phone number (yet).

5 =
We advise you to use your private personal email address, not your (future) @rug.nl email address or any email address from your home university.

6 =
As it is in your passport.
Leave this empty
Fill out: " 58012 "
Fill out: " RUG "

What is a policy holder?
That will be you: by taking out the insurance, you have this contract with Menzis. This contract is the so called "policy" in which the details are described.

What does "group number" mean?
This is a number, referring to the contract the University of Groningen has, with Menzis. By filling out this number "
" you will have a discount of 8% on the monthly premium.

What does "Name agent" mean?
This is referring to the University of Groningen, here abbreviated as "
", which leads to the discount of 8%.

What does "Social security number" mean?
This is a synonym for "
". The BSN is a personal number, issued by the municipality, after your registration at the IWCN or at the City Hall.

What if I don't have the BSN yet?
This is no obstacle. You can leave this empty. Whenever the BSN becomes available (it takes aprox. 2 weeks after your registration at the IWCN or City Hall) Menzis will automatically get to know this. How? Menzis has this insight in the database of the Municipality. So please do not wait for this, but apply already without your BSN! But if your have your BSN (already), please do fill it out.

What does "Wage tax obligation" mean?
Due to the fact you receive this UG/UMCG scholarship for PhD's, you have a tax status in the Netherlands, and not abroad or in your home country. Wage tax is the combination of income tax ans social premiums, which are deducted from your scholarship. It means that you are participating in the Dutch social welfare system.

I want to buy the International Student Insurance at AON or Studentsinsured, because that is cheaper, and my friends have that too. Is that okay?
No, bachelor or master students could have an AON (ICS) Student Insurance or IPS from Studentsinsured, because their scholarship is not from the UG or UMCG. They don't pay taxes here and are not participating in the Dutch social welfare system, contrary to you. So you should not compare your self with them, regarding this aspect!

I don't want to buy it at Menzis, but at a different company. Is that okay?
Yes, as long as it is from a Dutch company, and the type of insurance should be: "Basic Healthcare Insurance", in Dutch: "Basiszorgverzekering"

How much will it cost?
This is depending on a lot of personal choices. I believe it Menzis it starts at aprox. € 90 per month.

How do I pay this?
Menzis will automatically deduct this from your bank account, per month or per year (you can choose for that in their application form)..

What about paragraph 3?
You can ignore this, because the UG/UMCG has this contract with Menzis.

Do I have to attach additional documents, to the Menzis application form?
Yes: > a copy of your passport (the holder page) ; > a copy of the front- and backside of your residence permit.

What if I don't have the residence permit cared yet?
This is no obstacle, for now. So please do not wait for this, but apply already without your residence permit! At some later stage Menzis will send you a letter or an email and ask you for that.

Why do I have to fill out the starting date of my contract?
This is because you are participating in the Dutch tax system and social welfare system, since that date. By law, it is required to have the health insurance from that starting date.

But what if I was not even in the Netherlands, at the starting date of my contract; is that fair?
Well, this is depending on your perspective. But regarding of how the Dutch welfare system is build up from a democratic basis, it is fair from a Dutch perspective. The Dutch system is built on the principles of solidarity, so it means that you cannot choose any preferred date you like.

Do I have to pay the premium, from the starting date, while I was not here yet?
Yes, because you have to be insured from that starting date, you will have to pay retro actively. The bright side is: you are also already retro actively insured. So if something bad might happen and you need medical care, Menzis will cover that. In any case, Menzis will not and cannot refuse you, as a new client - this is regulated by law.

What is the difference between "Menzis Basis" or "Menzis Basis Vrij"
This is explained on their web page: https://www.menzis.nl/englishwebsite/health-insurance/basic-health-insurance
Concerning all these choices (also the next questions), we have to say that it is very personal. It is depending on your expectations, whether you expect to need medical care, for example. Therefore we cannot and will not give you advise about it. But we do advise you to ask e.g. any Dutch colleague about how he/she made these choices.

What about the "supplemental insurance"?
This is also explained at their web page: https://www.menzis.nl/englishwebsite/health-insurance/additional-insurance

What about the "excess"?
This is an important characteristic of all the Dutch healthcare insurances.
You can read the explanation here: https://www.menzis.nl/englishwebsite/health-insurance/excess

What about the "Automatical Payment"?
Menzis will automatically withdraw the premium from your bank account. You do not have to arrange your payment your self.

What is the "Account IBAN number"?
This is your Dutch (or European) bank account number. The full bank account number, starting with "NL ..etc..." is called "IBAN number". Any Dutch bank account number is an IBAN.

What if I do not have a Dutch bank account number yet?
We realize that it can take a long time before you will be able to open a bank account in the Netherlands. This is only possible, at earliest, after you have received your BSN. But in the months of September and October this will take several days or weeks. In that case we do advise you to send in the application to Menzis without a bank account number. At some later time, Menzis will ask you for your IBAN number but by then you will have opened a Dutch bank account.

I have more questions; where can I ask for more explanation or details about the policy?
You cannot ask the PhD Scholarship Desk or any other colleague at the UG or UMCG; this is all the information we can offer. Your health insurance is a private individual issue; apart from the discount (through the contract the UG has with Menzis), the UG plays no role.
Please contact Menzis yourself: https://www.menzis.nl/englishwebsite/customer-service/frequently-asked-questions

Where do I send my application form to?
See at the top of page 1 from their application form, it is by post mail to:
Postbus 75000
Don't forget to add a copy of your passport, and (if you have this already) a copy of your residence permit.

Or you make a scan of the form and your passport, and (if you have this already) a scan of your residence permit, and send it by email to:

Your name (again)

If applicable: your spouse
If applicable: your child
If applicable: your second child, etc.
Gender: Male or Female
Date of birth: in the format 'day - month - year'
Social security number: in case you have your BSN (already), see the FAQ!
You must choose: "
This is the guide, how to fill out the application form:
You must choose: "From abroad ..."
Fill out the starting date of your contract, like: "01-09-2016"
You must ignore this section; in the next slide we tell you more about this.
Please make a choice, here.
You can ignore this section.
Don't forget to fill out the date of your signing and your signature (as it is in your passport).
PhD Scholarship Desk
PhD Scholarship Desk
You must make the following choices (per person). At the FAQ section you will find the explanation.
If you do not have a bank account IBAN
number, yet, you can leave this empty. At the FAQ section you will find the explanation.
Please make a choice, here:
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