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U.S. History PBL

No description

Vivian Mota

on 3 March 2014

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Transcript of U.S. History PBL

I wish I could say that racism and prejudice were only distant memories
-Thurgood Marshall
Group II: Movies
Song of the South (1946)
Gone with the Wind (1939)
Fantasia (1940)
Littlest Rebel (1935)
Dumbo (1941)
The Birth of a Nation (1915)
Racism in Films
The Racial Climb
Since film came into existence, it
has been used as a powerful
medium to depict political, social,
and even racial agendas of the
film makers. These films are just a
select few of the many that are out
there. These films make one think
"Were they beyond color in those
days?" It is for you to decide. . .
Set in the Civil War-
Reconstruction era,
this film depicts African Americans as violent and sub-human beings who only want to destroy the white man's legacy.
Set in the Civil War era,
this film romanticizes the
institution of slavery and
depicts African
Americans to be content,
if not down right happy, in
their circumstances.

Set in the Civil War era,
this film also romanticizes
the institution of slavery
and feature debuted the ever controversial character of "Mammy".
This Disney-animated
film received great
critical acclaim.
However, in later years
Disney had several
negative backlashes
pertaining to the racist
stereotype of the
centaur featured in
the clip shown.

This Disney-
animated film was
also controversial in
later years concern-
ing the crows (Jim Crow specifically in
the middle). These
characters were
depicted with stereotypes of African Americans.
Yet, another Disney film that caused
great controversy. Specifically with it's
character, Uncle Remus. Set in the post Civil War era, Uncle Remus is a happy-go-lucky African American man who works on a plantation in Georgia.
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