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Sunny Days

Marketing 301

Amy Rizzo

on 20 July 2009

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Transcript of Sunny Days

Sunny Days Tracey Jones Rocky Pedroso Amy Rizzo Stephanie Ohlms Marketing Goals & Objectives: - Launch the product in three separate markets (New York City, Chicago, and
Denver) at 4-5 specialty stores within each city.
•After 12 months on the market, we will expand our product placement to two more cities within the US (Boston and Washington D.C.). •Obtain 30% market share in the first 12 months of our product launch.

•Create product awareness among the target audience by 30% in one year.

•Inform target audience about features and benefits of our product and its competitive advantage, leading to a 10%increase in sales in one year.

•Decrease or remove potential customers’ resistance to buying our product, leading to a 20% increase in sales in less than six months.

•Jump-start major retail distribution in target market locations within two years leading to a 60% increase in product awareness.

•Obtain a Return on Investment equal to 24 percent in the first year, 58 percent in the second year and 78% in the third year.
Sunny Days is an indoor or outdoor dog potty for American canine owners which would be categorized as a specialty product Product Features:
- Portable, and lightweight
- Special odor-fighting design
- Easy to use by all sizes
- Unique grate keeps liquids away from grass
- Instantaneous and immediate drainage
- Ideal for house breaking new puppies and for elderly dogs as well
- Antimicrobial agents infused in the grass
- Organic attractant that dogs can't resist
www.sunnydays.com 4-5 stores
in each
location Chicago
Population: 5,400,000
Dog Population: 1,157,443

Population: 5,170,000
Dog Population: 1,108,136

New York City
Population: 8,008,278
Dog Population: 1,613,743

(2004 statistics)
21st Century Animal Resource and Education Services
Chicago Locations:
Downtown “The Loop”
North Side “Lincoln Park”
South Side ‘Hyde Park”
West Side “West Garfield Park”

Denver Locations:
Washington Park
Lower Downtown (LoDo)

New York City Locations:
Financial District
South Houston (SoHo)
Upper West Side

Price Skimming Strategy:
$200 per product with $20 per sod/turf refill
Competitor’s Expected reaction:

-Make their similar product available in our current markets
-Venture into untapped/new markets we aren’t selling in
-Lower their product price
“To canine owners in the United States looking for alternatives to outdoor walking as a means of their pets relieving themselves, our doggy potty is a convenient and efficient system, that will keep their homes clean, their dogs happy and their lives guilt and stress-free.” Promotions & Communications BOSTON D.C. New York City Chicago, IL Denver, CO Inform Persuade No GUilt Go To Happy Hour! Sleep In on A Raint Morning! •Provide City dog parks with upgrades in the form of benches, jungle jims, fencing, sod, etc. sponsored by Sunny Day’s. Obtaining name recognition and bartered-for advertising space in these locations. Our Ad
HERE Public Relations:
Hold Charity events for local animal organizations with pet adoptions sponsored by Sunny Day’s. Sales Promotion:
Hold raffles to win a doggy potty at veterinarian offices, pet stores, groomers where we also sell the product, to obtain target market information for further advertising. Personal Selling
Group of core Sunny Day’s Salespeople will visit small retailers, dog groomers, veterinarians and after 1st year, large pet retail stores to sell products through their stores.
"To provide a clean, convenient, and inexpensive solution for
American canine owners, allowing their pets to relieve themselves
indoors". Sunny Days Mission ONLINE price and promotions In-Store
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